Aussiedoodle Mixed dog Breed, Pictures, Characterstics, Facts

Aussiedoodle Mixed Dog Breed Facts Information

Are you an Aussiedoodle enthusiast? Aussie doodle is a mixture of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. Its exceptional qualities like smartness, Intelligence an

d loving nature make it different from all other breeds. so keep reading more.

This most popular breed also known as Aussiepoo is a mixture of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. Are eager to know more about your favorite pet? then you’re at the right place. Keep reading and this will lead you to the fantastic world of this beautiful breed.

Aussiedoodle puppies for sale 2023

With heaps of love to share, Aussiedoodles rank on top of the list of canine companions. They are the best therapy dogs to adopt.

Mostly in animals loyalty is confined only to dogs, so Aussiedoodles keep this characteristic trait and go well with children and families. They immediately attach to specific humans or other pets.

With remarkable intelligence and activity, they were named “Einstein Dogs”.

aussiedoodle mini

Aussie doodle – History

Aussiedoodles may have been produced by a random cross between two purebreds till the end of the twentieth century but after then they became designer dogs by many dog breeders in North America.

This instinct cross-produced dogs with a variety of different colors and patterns and got popular within no time.

The most common mistake that we make while selecting mixed breeds is that we assume they have the best of two breeds. Genes are always assorted randomly. There is a probability that they get some unwanted genes and then characteristics that proves problematic later.

So to prevent this and to achieve consistency in traits, they have to breed them over several generations.

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Aussie doodle Characteristics

NameAussiedoodlesTemperament Gentle, Friendly
Breed StatusMixedDroolingLow
Weight25-70 poundsBarkingLow
Height15-25 inchesEnergy levelHigh
Life span10-13 yearsExercise NeedsHigh
Coat ColorsGrey, Black, Brown, Red, White, FawnIntelligenceHigh
PatternsMerle, TricolorVocalityHigh
Coat TextureCurlyTrainingEasy
SheddingSeasonalHeat sensitivityMedium
Other TraitsHypoallergenicWatchdog instinctsMaximum

Australian Shepherd – Appearance

The good-looking appearance is based upon genetic recombination from both parents.

The Australian Shepherd and Poodle have prolonged and narrower snouts but the offsprings get rounded heads with mustaches sometimes and bumpy noses.

In addition, their ears are floppy and fluffy making their appearance friendlier and less aggressive.

Coat Colors and Patterns

The coat colors and patterns are inherited from parents featuring red, black, blue merle, tan(phantom), party, beige, sable, and tri colors in some cases.

The merle genes are inherited from Australian shepherd parents and are expressed in Aussiedoodles as they are dominant genes. The poodle side provides solid colors.

Sometimes the hair texture gets wavier or has tight curls which also depends on the poodle parent and ultimately it is the coat texture that makes them withstand hot or cold weather.

Aussiedoodles are considered as low shedding but often poor nutrition or other health problems cause shedding and in some cases, the color of the coat might turn silver with time.

Aussiedoodle full grown

Aussiedoodle size

Aussiedoodle temperament

Size and Weight

Aussiedoodles range from toy to miniature and standard depending upon the poodle parent. Their size varies from 14 to 25 inches tall from the shoulders and their weight is from below 20 lbs to around 75 lbs.

  • Toy Aussiedoodles

Toy Aussiedoodles are the result of a cross between a toy Australian Shepherd and a toy poodle. They are the shortest of all Aussiedoodles as their size is 10 inches tall from the shoulder and weigh 11-16 lbs approximately.

  • Miniature Aussiedoodles

Mini is obtained by a cross between a mini Australian Shepherd and a mini Poodle. Their size ranges from 11-15 inches and their weight is 20-50 lbs when fully grown. They are intermediate toys and standard Aussiedoodles.

  • Standard Aussiedoodles

They are the largest of three kinds and after one year they grow 15 inches tall from the shoulders and has 45- 65 lbs weight approximately.

Aussiedoodle haircuts

Aussiepoo Eyes Color

Their twinkling round eyes are often bright blue, brown, green, or light amber. The variation in eye color largely depends upon merle genes as they control two traits eye color and coat color.

A rare case of heterochromia adds up to the beauty of Aussiedoodles when they get both eyes with different colors.

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Aussie doodle Haircuts

Aussiedoodles are so beautiful cuddle bunnies. In order to make them more adorable, they need grooming.

As Aussiedoodles have non to low shedding coats and Australian Shepherd and Poodle genes, they get a lot of hairs. If not cared they get tangled and become matted.

The following 5 types of hairstyles are very popular:

  • Puppy cut

This is so cute and has the same hair length on the entire body. This cut is not restricted only to puppies, instead, you can apply this to elder Aussiedoodles.

  • Teddy bear cut

Mini Aussiedoodles usually have this cut. It looks soft and fuzzy. You can cut it to medium length with short or long curls.

  • Poodle cut

Just like their parents Aussiedoodles with a curlier coat can have poodle cut. This look has short fur with long hairs on the head and tail. Short hairs facilitate brushing.

  • Terrier cut

This cut gives your Aussiedoodles a terrier style. The full body has equal hair length that can be short, long, or medium except for eyebrows, face, and muzzles. They are trimmed to give a terrier look

  • Summer cut

The summer cuts involve a complete shave. This is an inexpensive option and it’s very helpful for reducing matting and tangles. This doesn’t give adorable look but they feel comfortable in it.

Aussiedoodle Hypoallergenic

Aussiedoodle Hypoallergenic

Aussiedoodles are renowned as hypoallergenic. Thanks to the poodle heritage that makes them low to non-shedding.Poodle parent has a non-shedding coat with curly hairs while Australian Shepherd has hairs that shed more or less.

Now the shedding in this mixed breed depends upon the number of poodle genes inherited.

Most people suffer from dead skin cells called dander and they can’t be confined to a specific coat type. All the dogs shed dander. Some people have allergies to the dander so no dog can be considered completely hypoallergenic.

Aussiedoodle Temperament

The Personality of a puppy is influenced by certain factors which include:

  • Inherited Genes
  • Socialization
  • Owner’s Personality
  • Quality of relationship with other pets

Aussiedoodles are highly energetic dogs who love to play around you all the time. This high energy demands high activity and plenty of exercise daily.

They are athletic dogs who will love water, hiking, long walks, beach days, and finally, interactive games like rallies,  jumping, running, Flyball, fetching, agility competitions, etc.

Thanks to both parents for intelligent genes that make them quick learners. They are super smart and easily learn their task and fulfill it on time. They are easy to train and do their job happily.

Aussiedoodles can help you with daily chores like groceries or bringing gardening stuff into the backyard. If they are not given proper mental stimulation, they find their own way of it which proves destructive.

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Aussiedoodle haircuts

Toy aussiedoodle

The herding instinct inherited from the Australian Shepherd compels them to do some awkward things but in the end, it is their instinctive behavior that can be changed by early training.

They are the best companion dogs and love being with family members. They immediately get attached to one or more favorite people.

Although Aussiedoodles require a wide area for exercise, they can adjust in apartments if they get enough time to go outside daily. They need mental stimulation that can be provided by playing with them or providing them with toys. This will prove very helpful for the moment when they get older and become less active.

Aussieoodles need early training. So start training your puppy as soon as possible with positive reinforcement and you will get the best of your puppy.

Aussiedoodle size

Feeding of Aussiedoodles

Feeding care is a must for any dog.  A proper diet plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is very significant. It should be formulated according to the weight, energy, and physical condition of Aussiedoodles.

Any irregularity in the plan can cause serious health issues. Diet can lead to tummy issues in the short run and overweight in the long run.

For example, there should be a maximum of 12 hours gap between two meals, if more time proceeds, it will cause hyperacidity in the stomach.

Many veterinary consultants recommend twice meals per day one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. This can change with age from puppyhood onward.

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Aussiedoodle – Care

Aussiedoodles grooming involves cleaning and hygienic care. They are needed to be brushed and bathed on a regular basis. The tools used for this purpose should be cleaned and sanitized such as Trimmers, Brushes, and Blades.

One should keep an eye on nails and should be trimmed correctly and on time. Proper coat brushing makes it breathable and removes all the damaged hair.

Bathing reduces the debris on the body and grease amount in hairs and opens pores which are very necessary for healthy skin and to reduce skin-related diseases.

Brush their teeth to avoid any dental ailment.

Check their ears and remove fleas and parasites if present. For toy Aussiedoodles with small oral space .it is highly recommended to consult dog groomers and they can instruct you accordingly.

Aussiedoodle rescue

Benefits of Regular care

  • Makes your Aussiedoodle Cute and Happier
  • Prevents Infectious Diseases
  • Reduces Shedding
  • Keeps Healthy

Aussiedoodle – Training

Energy spent on reinforcing your relationship with your pet is energy well spent and it will blossom your relationship. Training of Aussiedoodle is fun and rewarding. It not only influences its behavior with you but also with other pets.

 aussiedoodle mini

Training is beneficial if started on the day you bring your puppy home. Once they get trained, their abilities to learn will be skyrocketing and their health and temperament will improve.

  • Spend Quality time with Aussiedoodles

The time you spend with your Aussiedoodle should be worth enjoying. Make sure to talk and listen to them. It will help you to engage with it in a simple way.

  • Communicate in an interesting way

Your communication matters a lot. They hear your conversations the whole day and get tuned to your moods and voices. They have extremely sensitive hearing. The use of animated voices and slightly high pitch attracts Aussiedoodles.

  • Play with Aussiedoodles

As Aussiedoodles are highly energetic. They love to play. Chasing and fetching is their favorite part of games. Taking part in these games will prosper your relationship with your dog.

  • Reward your Aussiedoodle

Every time you take them outside for a walk, they learn something new. Never recall them every time they create a fuss because they get habitual for a call of punishment, instead call them normally and reward them every time they come to you.

  • Use of Short Commands

Sit stay command, leave it, and down stand up will make Aussiedoodles more obedient

And better behaved.

Aussiedoodles and Children

Aussiedoodles are the best family dogs. If you adopt one they’ll never leave you alone. They love being with family members, especially children. They can nip small children due to their herding instincts. But it can be changed through careful training.

One should be very careful if very small kids and Aussiedoodles are present at the same place.

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Interesting Facts

  1. Aussiedoodles is a crossbreed or designer breed whose both parents are pure breeds.
  2. These dogs are the best Therapy dogs as they are loyal and affectionate to their owners.
  3. They are bouncy and playful as if there is no bone in their body.
  4. Aussiedoodles can face Separation anxiety if you leave them for a long period. You can’t keep them if work in the office for a whole day.
  5. If not given proper exercise, they exhaust their energy in destructive ways.
  6. Aussiedoodles are just hilarious. The goofy pups are magical and it is fun to sit back and watch them.
aussiedoodle adult

Aussie doodle – Health

One of the most common health issues in Aussiedoodles is Obesity. If they eat much, they will surely be overweight and get serious health issues.

Some diseases are inherited from Australian shepherds and Poodle. When buying or adopting a puppy ask for their lineage, and if their parents had a problem in their life span. If present then there is a high probability of appearing in offspring.

The most commonly occurring diseases are

  • Hip dysplasia

It is a condition in which the hip joint is severely affected and it mostly occurs during early growth time. The Aussiedoodle can undergo severe pain and dysfunction. It can give rise to mobility problems. The main reason for hip dysplasia in Aussiedoodles is lack of exercise and improper diet.

  • Cataracts

Your Aussiedoodle may suffer from cataracts. A condition in which a cloudy film appears on the iris of their eyes. This disease is caused by the clumping of proteins in the eyes. It causes inflammation in the eyes which becomes painful very often.

  • Epilepsy

This is a neurological disorder caused by a brain abnormality. It is the most occurring disease in the canine family. Seizures are caused by changes in routine, accidents, certain foods, or wrong medications. Only controlling seizures can provide relief to your dog.

  • Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is also an eye disease that induces complete blindness in some dog species. More often Aussiedoodles are prone to this. This is not painful but the retina degenerates completely. It usually starts with a lack of night vision.

The chances of retinal atrophy can be decreased if both parents have clear PRA.

Our utmost care and affection can prevent them from a painful life. So make sure the breeder is honest and responsible. Provide them with a healthy diet, exercise, and love as they deserve it.

Adoption of an Aussiedoodle

You are not needed to spend extra money on buying from a breeder. Because their status as a Designer breed has made them very unfortunate. They are so adorable and cute but destined to live in shelters or rescues.

Once you set your brain and heart on adopting an Aussiedoodle. Go to rescues, meet their owners, ask about the history of dogs and then adopt it.

It can really take you a lot while adjusting to it. Adopt them only if you have the stamina to bear them.

 aussiedoodle size

Here are some rescues which can help you in the adoption of Aussiedoodles.

Aussie doodle Breeders

New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue(All States) Pennsylvania, (services all states in the US)[email protected]
Lone Star Aussie Rescue (Texas) Cedar Hill Texas[email protected]
Aussies and Friends Rescue (Arizona) Arizona[email protected]
Aussie Rescue and Replacement (Utah) George UT 84791[email protected]

Aussiedoodles Vs Goldendoodle

These two breeds are mixed breeds and have a similarity in one thing and it is their poodle parent. In both cases, the poodle is crossed with another breed.

They are quite different from each other. Here is a short comparison of these two breeds.

  1. Size

Both breeds have equal weight at the same age i.e from 25 to 75 pounds. But they differ in terms of their height. Aussiedoodles are a little bit taller than Goldendoodles. Aussiedoodles are 15-25 inches while Goldendoodles are 14-24 inches from the shoulders.

  1. Appearance

Aussiedoodles have thick and fleecy coats. It has a variety of colors and patterns. They inherit wavy hair coats from the Australian shepherd side. Their head is rounded with floppy ears.

While Goldendoodles have skulls similar to Golden Retriever and have shorter ears. They also have a diversity of colors like black, white cream, golden, and apricot.

  1. Behavior

Aussiedoodles are very intelligent and smart dogs. They are very loyal and friendly. They are highly energetic and can herd children and young people. While Goldendoodles are also loyal and intelligent but they have laid-back characters inherited from Golden Retriever. They don’t herd people around them.

  1. Purpose of Breeding

The main purpose behind the breeding of Aussiedoodles was to prepare an intelligent family dog who can adjust to a variety of families. While the Goldendoodles are bred for guide dogs.

  1. Lifespan

The Goldendoodles live more than Aussiedoodles. The reason for this can be better compatibility with their environment. They both are healthy breeds but due to their size Goldendoodles live some more time, in the end, it depends upon the overall wellness of the individual dog.

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The Average lifespan for Aussiedoodles is about 10-13 years and Goldendoodles have a lifespan of 12 -15 years

Final Thoughts

We have covered all aspects of this wonderful breed. Until now you would have developed lovely emotions for Aussiedoodles but we suggest Adopting them only if you can fulfill their basic needs like exercise and companionship.

Never select a puppy merely on the basis of a merle pattern, blue eyes, and low shedding coat instead check the overall health of the pet you want, they can offer more beautiful things than what you think of this breed.

Also never adopt them to leave in a corner of the house or a kennel. They can prove the best canine companion dogs if they get what they deserve.