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Aussie labradoodle is one of the beautiful, cute, extremely smart, and friendly cross-breeds Aussiedoodle available in the market. This Aussie labradoodle or cross-breed Australian dog is created to get allergy-free guide dogs that have super flexible characteristics. 

Although Aussie Labradoodles are a bit expensive, they have extremely enhanced characteristics that are favorable. As family dogs, they are good companion dogs because they don’t make you bored. Out of all of these things, these Aussie Labradoodles are full of energy, so they need some exercise and playtime.  

Aussie labradoodle

Due to their features and temperament, they are the perfect service dog and a good option for the low-shedding family companion. So, all of the allergy-sensitive people in the family can play with Aussie labradoodle. 

Keeping all of these things in mind, a group of intelligent breeders has created an awesome cross-breed in the form of an Aussie labradoodle. So, if you want to have an allergy-free companion with you, then Aussie Labradoodle is one of the best options for you.  

Our experts have analyzed Aussie Labradoodles in-depth, and then we have brought some informative articles for you. In this article, we will try to cover every important detail regarding the Aussie labradoodle. Yes, they are a bit complex breed to understand, but we have tried to make it simple and easy for you. So, let’s have a look at these things.

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best aussie labradoodle breeders

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Aussie Labradoodle BreedersContact Chart

Here we provide a table that consists of contact details and addresses of breeders of Australian labradoodle.  This table will help you in buying a labradoodle for your home. You can check the breeders from their also get there. Telephone number, location, and address. These are things that help in finding a reputable breeder.

Breeder nameLocationAddressPhone Number
Love A LabradoodleSouthern California951-295-9393
Red Rock DoodlesNorthern Arizona areaSedona, Arizona
Claremont Australian LabradoodlesSouthern CaliforniaClaremont, CA909-532-1823
Tails of the West LabradoodlesNorth of Phoenix, Arizona, and Scottsdale, Arizona.Peoria, Arizona
Brookside LabradoodlesThe rural area of SacramentoSacramento, CA916-690-0477
Lazy mountain LabradoodlesMatanuska-Susitna Valley between Anchorage Alaska and Denali National Park in South Central AlaskaPalmer, Alaska907-841-0391
Agape LabradoodlesFoothills West of Denver, ColoradoEvergreen, CO303-674-6512
Contact information of Aussie Labradoodle Breeders

Origin of Aussie Labradoodle

Aussie Labradoodle was created in the 1980s, specifically in the region of Australia, where they are carefully cross-bred.  The main goal of the breeders was to create a type of Aussiedoodle that has excellent characteristics from the parents. Wally Conran was of the breeders that look forward to preparing puppies that do not shed.  

So, the goal was to prepare Aussie Labradoodle that is equally convenient for people with allergies. However, this not shedding characteristic is not permanent or equally present in all types of Aussie Labradoodle. To take care of the Aussie Labradoodle, most club owners have hired the trainers that train Aussie Labradoodle in Hawaii. 

Origin of Aussie Labradoodle

Australian people, on the other place, have taken the Aussie Labradoodle a step further. In the year 2004, the Aussie Labradoodle is not just an ordinary cross between the Labrador and the poodle; however, they have particular characteristics in mind.  

Whatsoever, these Aussie Labradoodle are the amazing and beautiful creatures in the class of the puppies? The origin of this Aussie Labradoodle is quite oblivious. They have originated from Australia, and then they have traveled all over the globe, where they have gained the love of most pet lovers.   

Aussie Labradoodle for sale
Aussie labradoodle is a very gentle, friendly, and loyal dog. They are very good and friendly with other pets and children. Hence, they are good pets. 
Those who are allergic to dogs buy this mixed breed. However, they are suitable for allergic suffers. They have curly coats. These curly coats entrap allergy-triggering fur and dander. 
It is very easy to train these dogs. Aussie labradoodle easily picks the lesson. They respond very well to positive training and are consistent. 
They make great therapy and service animals.

What are breeders?

There is the association of Aussie Labradoodle known as Australian Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle that has listed 32 accredited breeders. That association suggests these breeders in all of the population in Australia. That means that all of these breeders can produce 150 to 300 puppies in a year.   

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As can be seen in other animals, some of the animals can arise in the Aussie Labradoodle. These issues can be due to the mating or cross-breeding of close relatives. It is possible that the more closely are the relatives of the mating parents, the more the chances that genetic variation may occur in the cross-breed product. As a result, some inherited diseases may occur in the offspring

Best Aussie Labradoodle

Aussie labradoodle Breeders

Lazy mountain labradoodle 

If you want a breeder of Aussie labradoodle in the frontier of Alaska, then this is the best choice for you. They are called the last and first Aussie Labradoodle breeders in Alaska. Lazy mountain labradoodle breeders take care of their pets as a family. They consist of small family breeding operations in which they properly take care of their puppies and parents.  

Lazy mountain labradoodle is the best breeders who want these puppies for their home. They provide you with the best puppy that is suitable for the family. The puppies of lazy mountain labradoodle breeders come with deworming, custom collar, health guarantee of two years, and first vaccines. Moreover, they also come with some training, socialization, and some other benefits.  

The cost of Aussie Labradoodle puppies for sale is $2500, and they need a $400 deposit

Aussie Labradoodle puppies for sale

Tales of the west labradoodle

These breeders have small family breeding operations. They are located in the North of Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. Tale of the west labradoodle consists of medium-sized doodles. The best quality of doodles of these breeders is that they are much socialized. 

The specialty of these breeders is that they help the junior diabetes foundation. However, they support the children that greatly require diabetes service dogs and also fulfill their needs.  So, that’s why these breeders are selected to buy a puppy.  

Tales of the west labradoodle reserve the puppies and tale deposit. So, if you want to buy a puppy from them, you should keep an eye on every new litter. Sometimes you have to wait for the Austrian labradoodle puppies. The reason is that they reserved very quickly because they are in high demand. 

Tails of the west labradoodle puppy cost are about $2800. When your application is accepted, you have to deposit $300. 

Agape labradoodle 

Agape labradoodle breeders are located in Colorado. They have a small family operation, and they provide good quality Aussie Labradoodle puppies that are socialized. Furthermore, these puppies are also very trained and loving. Agape breeders raised their puppies either in their guardian family or in their own homes.  

When the guardian families raise their dogs, they move them to the Agape for whelping and breeding. They produce their dogs from the puppy and, after this, return them. The advantage of these Aussie Labradoodles is that most of their time is spent with their guardian family. When the dog is not able to breed further, then they are neutered and sprayed. After this, they forever live with guardians.

aussie labradoodle mix

Agape breeders allow people to come and visit their puppies. But they only allow visits when the dog has done with the first vaccination. It means you can visit the puppy after seven weeks. The cost of Aussie Labradoodle puppies is $3000. However, the price varies based on gender, color, and size. Moreover, reserve your puppy. You have to deposit $500.

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Interesting points about the Aussie labradoodle

If you are interested in buying an Aussie Labradoodle, you should have information about these dogs. Here, we provide some fun facts about the dogs that help you in a study about Aussie labradoodle. These facts are following. 

Aussie labradoodle Size

Here we provide the information about Aussie labradoodle size. The weight of Aussie Labradoodles is about 77 lbs. and they are approximately 24 inches tall. This average size is sometimes greater for the male Labradoodles as compared to female Labradoodles.  

Aussie Labradoodle – Color and coats

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They consist of two different types of coats. Either they have wool-textured or fleece-textured coats. Sometimes they are also called as, or they resemble with teddy bear. Due to this reason, they are very demanding dogs.  

  • If we talk about the wool-textured coat, they are like a ball of wool. These coats are mostly curly. 
  • On the other hand, fleece-textured coats are either wavy or straight. Moreover, these coats are very soft. The curls of these types of coats are spiral-shaped.

Now we discuss the colors of Aussie Labradoodles. They are available in many different colors. Here we discuss some common colors. These are the following.


Australian labradoodleTemperament

Aussie Labradoodles are loyal, social, and gentle. They very much love animals with pets and children. Also, they are not too much aggressive. Moreover, they learn quickly because they are very intelligent. Plus, they are also used as service and therapy dogs. Therefore, it is very easy to train these dogs; they are very gentle and universally friendly.  

Naturally playful, they want to spend their time with humans. They enjoy performing different activities with a family member. But the disadvantage is that they can’t live alone for a longer period. They also need daily exercise of about 30 to 60 minutes to make them healthy. 

medium aussie labradoodle

Aussie Labradoodle – Grooming 

As you have studied that these dogs have two types of coats wool-textured and fleece-textured. But the types of coats require regular brushing. They need properly brushing in a week. You can also take them to the professional groomer for proper grooming.  

If you take them to a professional groomer, they cut the puppy’s coat two to three times per year. Due to this, your puppy looks very beautiful. You should also check the ears and eyes of your puppy when grooming. In addition, it is also necessary to trim the nails of Aussie Labradoodles regularly. If you see any problem in your dog, you must consult with a veterinarian. They give a piece of good advice for your dog.  

Aussie Labradoodle – Training 

Aussie Labradoodles are called as born to serve. This means that they are naturally very intelligent and quickly learn things. Due to this, it is also very easy to train these dogs. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to socialize with them and train them early.  

On the development of the puppy, socialization has a great impact. If you early socialize your dog then the chances of their misbehavior reduce. So, it is recommended to socialize early. There are many positive training methods for dogs. You can apply them to your Aussie labradoodle and train them in a good way.  

Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) 

Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association was created by one of the passionate groups of individuals how to have great care and love for the Aussie labradoodle. This association was first created as the Australian Labradoodle Association specifically for Australia as these Labradoodles originated from Australia.  

However, when Aussie Labradoodles get famous worldwide, the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association was created for the globe. 

Aussie Labradoodles as family dogs  

Aussie labradoodle can be a perfect addition as an of member the family. These Aussie Labradoodles are jolly, fluffy, and they love the attraction of the people around them. Moreover, they like to play with the kids and spend time with the owners. They like to cuddle, exercise, walk and play like a friend, which means they are full of energy. 

However, they lack protective abilities for the house. They can’t do the job of the protective nature, or they can’t guard your house or your things. Hence, instead of barking on the strangers, they start to play with them and are a piece of cake for thieves.

mini Aussie Labradoodle

How can you buy an Aussie labradoodle? 

Are you looking for an Aussie Labradoodle around you to buy? The best way to buy an Aussie labradoodle mix is from a reputable breeder than from a pet store. You can book an appointment with a quality breeder and then find a good puppy for you. You can also investigate the medical reports of the Aussie labradoodle’s parents and health screening.  

Due to the enhanced characteristics and lovely nature of the Aussie Labradoodle full-grown, they have a much higher price than the other puppies. The average cost of price is in between 2000 to 3000$. However, this price may vary to some extent from place to place.  

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There is another option available that can cause you very much less money. The best option is that you can buy an Aussie labradoodle in the form of an adult. You can look for an adult shelter or rescue facility near you, from where you can easily get an awesome and well-grown Aussie labradoodle.

Do Aussie Labradoodles Shed? 

Australian Labradoodles are naturally low to non-shedding. The wool and fleece coat types typically shed less than the lab coat. Always comb through your Aussie’s fur regularly to remove any loose hairs and dander. The more you brush and play with them, the less they will shed. Australian Labradoodle coats promise a low- to non-shedding coat, which is great for allergy sufferers.  

This versatile coat is a blend of the lab and poodle coats, creating a lustrous appearance that can be straight, wavy or curly. The Australian Labradoodle has a non-shedding coat. This means that you won’t have to share your bedsheets with your dog, or vacuum up doggie hair every day! The Aussie’s coat type can vary depending on parents, with some variations falling under the wool and fleece coat types (both known for non-shedding coats). 

The Australian Labradoodle is a very beautiful dog that is known for not shedding with all its physical beauty. Its coat comes in different varieties: wool and fleece with different colour combinations: white and cream with possible apricot or blue eyes and brown and cream with possible chocolate or brown eyes. 

Labradoodle vs Aussie Labradoodle – Comparison

Some people thought that there isn’t any difference between the Labradoodle and the Aussie labradoodle. But actually, there is a huge difference between these species. Both of these species differ based on their parents. So Aussie Labradoodles and Labradoodles have different parents that make them different. 

As they have different parents, it is obvious that both of these species have different genetic structures. As a result,, they possess different traits, characteristics, and nature. Hence if we look deeply, they have a huge difference in them.  

Labradoodles are produced when a poodle and the labra retriever are cross-bred. On the other hand, if we look at the Aussie labradoodle, it is a cross-breed of a poodle, cocker spaniel, and Labrador retriever.

Are they healthy breed dogs? 

An Australian Labradoodle might inherit the health problems that most commonly affect its parent breeds. Unlike purebred dogs, however, Australian Labradoodles are surprisingly hardy and healthy, with high survival rates into old age.  

Labradoodles are a fairly healthy hybrid breed. However, hereditary problems do still appear in a small number of dogs from time to time. One common problem which the Australian Labradoodle may inherit from its parent breeds is hip dysplasia. Moreover, they are excellent agility competition dogs or therapy dogs. With their size between a Labrador retriever and a Poodle, they are very good with children. 

aussie labradoodle columbus ohio

The Australian Labradoodle is a medium-sized dog. Its coat is usually long, straight hair in shades of cream, apricot, red, blue, or black with moderate feathering around its feet and lower legs. They make excellent therapy dogs and wonderful guide dogs for the blind. These dogs do not shed and therefore do not require much grooming. Labradoodles take to training well and usually respond best to positive reinforcement. 

Moreover, they are cross-bred dog that has been used as guide and hearing/service dog. The Aussiedoodle is also a versatile and energetic breed of dog that makes an ideal family pet. They look like lovable and friendly puppies and can be trained to perform basic tricks and commands. 

Final words  

In this detailed article, we have tried to cover all related things regarding the Aussie labradoodle. Due to their higher rate and high prices, it is recommended that you should get an Aussie labradoodle from a shelter or rescue facility around you. If not, you can then go towards breeder or other options like a pet center available around you.

Australian Labradoodle puppies are a healthy and happy option for families with allergies. Australian Labradoodles make great pets because they are hypoallergenic and low-shedding. They are bred to have an affinity for children, making them great family dogs. Furthermore, Australian Labradoodles are so intelligent, so friendly, and so beautiful! They are excellent family dogs. Not only are Australian Labradoodles perfect for the home, but they can perform well in the field, therapy work, and even water rescue.

Out of all these things, you must be careful and sure about the breeding quality and nature of the puppy you have bought. Whatsoever, Aussie Labradoodles are one of the most suitable options for you to get in the house. Hopefully, this article has helped you to build an understanding of the Aussie labradoodle.

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