Aussiedoodle Coat Changes | Colors Patterns

All Aussiedoodle dogs change their coat at the age of 6 months (180 days) to 1 year (360 days). Their soft, flossy coat transforms into adult hairy, fuzzy, less soft coats. Aussiedoodles’ texture and color are also changed when their initial coat first time transforms into a little thick adult coat. All the Aussie doodle dogs have a nonshedding coat for less shedding. This trait they inherit from Poodles. The poodle has a single coat that does not change yearly.

types of aussiedoodle coatsTYPES OF COATS

Aussiedoodle has two kinds of coats you can check below.

Straight/Flat Coat & Curly Coat

The curls and single nonshedding coat characteristic come toward the Poodle side and straight hair and shedding coat characteristic of the Australian Shepherd. So Aussie doodles are known to be less shedding or nonshedding coat. Aussiedoodle is a mixture of two different dogs one is Poodle and the other is an Australian Shepherd.

Aussiedoodle Genotype

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Test cross


Percentage Ratio of Australian shepherd

Percentage Ratio of Poodle



aussiedoodle coat colors

In the first test cross, the Australian shepherd mates with Poodle, and the progeny P1 is an Aussie doodle that has both of their parent’s traits. In the second cross P1, Aussie doodle Backcross with Poodle and the progeny is P1B in which 75% characteristics of Poodle parents which is dominant and the Australian shepherd’s allele is recessive.

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In the third cross P1B always backcross with Poodle, so the progeny is P1BB in which 87.5% poodle characteristics that’s why most of the Aussie doodles have curly hair coat and single shedding coat and only 12.5% characteristics of Australian shepherd, so all of its traits are hidden beneath the Poodle.

Does Aussiedoodle shed their Coat?

Aussiedoodle breed is not known as a shedding breed. Their one-parent Poodle has a single coat, but the Australian Shepherd has a shedding coat which they shed yearly. They change their coat at the age of 9 months to 12 months by shedding their initial hair coat.

Merits & Demerits of straight/flat coat


  • Slighter grooming: Straight-haired Aussie doodle not much needed to comb regularly in contrast curly hairs Aussiedoodle.
  • Adorable looks like Australian Shepherd: Many people want to buy an Aussiedoodle because they look like an Australian Shepherd and they look super cute.
  • Need Less Hair Trimming: The Flat Coat Aussiedoodle inherits the straight hair trait from one of its parents, the Australian Shepherd. Aussiedoodle dog does not have to be taken for a daily haircut, because they have straight hair and they need less trimming as compared to curly hair coat.

aussiedoodle coat color changes


  • Less Flossy texture: Aussiedoodle straight coat have a fuzzy thick coat which is not fluffy as compared to Poodle.
  • Hypersensitivity: Poodles like Aussie doodle is the best option if you’re hyper-allergic to dogs.
  • Shedding Coat: Aussiedoodle dogs who have Australian Shepherd-like straight/flat coats, when they sit on the couch or with you, their hair may stick with your clothes.
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We never say that Aussie doodles with a flat/shedding coat are a bad choice due to their shedding coat. They are super cute and adorable as Aussiedoodles with curly/nonshedding coats. Both the Aussie doodle breeds have adorable, intelligent, and playful characteristics.


Here we describe Aussie doodle coat colors below:

  • Blue Merle Aussiedoodle
  • Red Merle Aussiedoodle
  • Bi-Color/Tri-Color Aussiedoodle
  • Red Tri-Color
  • Phantom Aussiedoodle
  • Black Phantom Aussiedoodle
  • Red Phantom Aussiedoodle
  • Chocolate Aussiedoodle

Blue Merle

These Aussies have a combination of white, gray, blue, and tan colors. Their blue Merle color mostly transfers from their Australian Shepherd parent. Lighter shade poodle cross with blue Merle Australian Shepherd to get desirable blue Merle Aussiedoodle.

wavy coat aussiedoodle

Red Merle

Red Merle Aussiedoodle is one of the most popular breeds. If you want to get your desirable red Merle Aussiedoodle breed with the cross between red Merle Australian Shepherd and lighter tone of Poodle. This Aussiedoodle breed has red, white, and tan colors spots on its coat.


This Aussiedoodle breed does have no proper Merle color patterns. They have either two or three colors throughout their coats. They have different color combinations like red, black, brown, and white. They have white spot markings on their paws, neck, and head.

 Red Tri-Color

Red Tri-Color Aussie doodles have definitely red base color with light color spots on the head and body region. They look super cute.

flat coat aussiedoodle

Phantom Aussiedoodle

Phantom Aussiedoodle has a wide variety of color patterns. They have dark base tones like black, brown, and red with light markings near the eyes, stomach, chest, neck, legs, and paws.

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Black Phantom

Black and white Aussiedoodle cross results in black Phantom Aussiedoodle, in which black base color with light tan markings on the legs, eyes, chest, and stomach.

Red Phantom

Red Phantom is the rarest generation in which a dark red shade base coat and tan highlight markings on their face, legs, and chest.

Chocolate Aussiedoodle

They have a dark shade base like chocolate brown color bases with white, tan markings on their chest, legs, and chin. But they are still considered chocolate shade Aussiedoodle.

aussiedoodle color genetics

Rarest Coat Color Of Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles have the rarest coat colors red Tuxedo, red Phantom, red Merle, and red Tri-Color.


Aussiedoodles have a huge variety of coat colors and patterns, eight color patterns we describe but they have a vast variety of colors.

Whether you choose any kind of color for your Aussiedoodle, we assure you that they must be super adorable and beautiful as compared to other dogs. So if you’re looking for a most playful, intelligent, beautiful, and adorable dog. Aussiedoodle is one of all the dogs which they have all qualities