10 Incredible Aussiedoodle Facts | Fun, Care, Breed Info

Here are the top best Aussiedoodle Facts and information. If you’re looking to add four-legged members to your family and are not sure about his behavior then must read this till the end and you’ll get to know about every bit of it.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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Aussiedoodle Facts and Information

Aussiedoodles are a mixed breed obtained by breeding Australian Shepherd with the poodle. So genetically some characteristics inherit from both sides like intelligence loyalty, cleverness, and low shedding, and Aussiedoodles seem to have it all as a heritage. They are the best choice for parents who want low Shedding, Super active pooch.

Aussiedoodles Fact and Information

Salient Breed Features Aussiedoodle Facts

NameAussiedoodles/ Aussiepoo/ AussiepoodleBreed GroupMixed
OriginNorth AmericaTemperamentGentle, Playful
Weight25 – 70 lbCoat ColorGrey, Blue, Black, Chocolate
Life Span10- 13 yearsCoat PatternsMerle, Phantom, Tricolor, Tuxedo
Height14 -25 InchesAdaptabilityMaximum
Litter size3 -7 puppiesSkin TypeFur Coat
Salient Breed Features Chart

Enthusiasts call them the” Einstein of Dogs”.  Yes, They are.  Let’s know, how.

Appearance & PersonalityAussiedoodle Facts

Australian shepherd Appearance & Personality

Aussiedoodles are extremely beautiful in terms of their color and coat patterns. They inherit this merle, phantom patterns from the Australian Shepherd side, and solid colors from the poodle side. They have a wide range of colors like tan, blue, brown, chocolate, etc,

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Their forms vary from Mini, Medium to Standard Aussiedoodles. Similarly, their size and height vary from dog to dog depending on their parents.

  • Mini= 30 cm tall,22 pounds
  • Medium = 55 cm, 60 pounds
  • Standard= 20-25 inches,70 pounds

Their body is muscular and slender with a wide round head and erect ears. Thickly round snout and vibrant eye colors.

They are growing popular because of their personality. They’ve got a jolly, joyful nature, therefore they go well with families having kids, They are very loyal, affectionate, goofy and share toys with people. They love to cuddle, swim, and splash water for hours due to their adventurous nature.

Health, Care & GroomingAussiedoodle Facts

aussie doodle Health, Care & Grooming

If breeding is not done by an ethical breeder, then they may get genetic issues. They are very energetic and playful. If they don’t get proper exercise, they can get predisposed to health issues like weight gain, and dysplasia.

Depending upon their coat texture they need to be combed twice a week. Their nails should be trimmed properly. b should be checked properly.

Bathing depends upon dogs, their coat can get a mat. They should be vaccinated properly in childhood to avoid any risk of Rabies.

They’re hypoallergenic and low shedding. They are very compatible with people who’re sensitive to allergens.

Physical Needs & Training Aussiedoodle Facts

They are extremely energetic. They are best companions for long hikes, walks, and beach days. They love jumping, running, and chasing balls. They have got an athletic nature and take part in games like fly ball, and running.

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Aussiedoodles are super smart and easy to train. They learn everything very fastly like a human baby. They easily understand your commands and train well and quickly to the bells.

They can read the minds of their owner and behave accordingly. They are also watchdogs. They’ll bark at unknown and give you an alert signal due to their territorial nature.

aussiedoodle Physical Needs & Training

CommunicationAussiedoodle Facts

“Dogs do speak but to only those who know how to listen”.

They are low barking. But barking sometimes is their instinctive behavior. They are known as Therapy Dogs. They love to work. They assemble their things after playing. They support you emotionally during a brief time period.

They will sit next to you and start looking at you and console you through their eyes on a rough day. They’ll carry things for you like your grocery or laundry.

Rescue Groups & AdoptionAussiedoodle Facts

Before adoption, they require research and finding a breeder who is very ethical and has complete knowledge of breeding. Otherwise, they will get serious health issues, Use google, go to their websites, visit their places, and litter. It is considered better to adopt them instead of buying a puppy.

Bad Habits and Cautions

  • If Aussiedoodles don’t get what they want or what they require, they’ll behave differently. For instance, They love running, but if they are in narrow rooms or apartments they will become destructive and hyperactive.
  • They are super active because of the herder and water retriever nature of their parents.
  • They’ll try to play tricks to remove boredom. They need plenty of space for exercise like backyards and parks.
  • Sometimes, their feeding is messy. They drip everywhere might be due to their long mustaches.
  • They’re curious and chase you everywhere. They hate loneliness and behave roughly if you leave them alone at home or in Kennels.
  • They get slobbery and this is not such a serious problem, Through consistency, discipline, and positive reinforcement you can get rid of all these problems
aussiedoodles Bad Habits and Cautions


The breeding of these designer dogs Aussiedoodles was intentionally started back in the late 20th & early 21st centuries. People wanted to have the best of two purebreds. But genetically it becomes impossible to get the same results every time. Because genes assort randomly in generations. So breeders have to select puppies with desired traits and breed them again and again to get results. Despite all this, unfortunately, they are not recognized by American Kennel Club due to their mixed breeds.

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Final Thoughts

Till now you will be quite familiar with all basic Aussiedoodle breed facts information. If you find them compatible with your lifestyle then don’t wait. Adopt it and it’ll prove the heart and soul of your home.

They are absolutely wonderful addition to your life.