Best Aussiedoodle Michigan | 6 Best Breeders in Michigan

Aussiedoodles are a wonderful mixed breed obtained by crossing an Australian Shepherd and a poodle with a famous mixed breed that offers multiple colors like White, Black, Gray Creamy, etc. It stands proudly among all other breeds. If you have made up your mind to adopt an Aussiedoodle and you are in Michigan or near, then your search might end here.

Are you struggling with the adoption of an Aussiedoodle in Michigan? OR Having trouble finding the best breeders in Michigan? Then stick to this article and it’ll help you to buy the best puppy in Michigan.

Aussiedoodle rescue Michigan

Read this article till the end and hopefully, you’ll get all the necessary info about your dream pet.

As Bernard Williams says:

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face’’

Best Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan

There are very few Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan but they are very valuable. They not only provide you with a beautiful, friendly pet but also provide other related services. They take good care of them.

And if you don’t feel financially able to purchase a pup then some of them provide you with a guardian program in which they provide a fenced yard to adopt for this program. Before getting any dog, you’re needed to do proper research for each breed to find out which is best for your lifestyle and also about breeders to avoid any kind of inherited diseases or any genetic issues. 

Here we have picked up the best and most reputable breeders for you. Let’s have a look:

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NoBreeder NameWebsiteAddressPrice Range
1.Danie’s Darling Doodles LLCwww.daniesdarlingdoodles.comNorthern Michigan$1500-$2500
2.Red Bud Beautiful Doodleswww.redbudbeautifuldoodles.comBerrien Springs, MI 49103, US$1200-$2000
3.Aussiedoodle-MIwww.aussiedoodle-mi.com8253 Lake Crest Dr, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA$1000-$2500
4.Strahan Farms Aussiedoodleswww.strahanfarms.comGrass Lake, Michigan$1500-$1800
5.Misty’s Toy Aussieswww.mistystoyaussies.com4556 Ethel, Highland Charter Twp, MI 48357$3000-$5000
6.Aussiedoodle Havenwww.aussiedoodlehaven.comGrass Lake, Mi$1500-$5000


Some additional Information about these breeders:

Danie’s Darling Doodles

mini Aussiedoodle Michigan

Danie’s Darling Doodles was started back in 2017 by Danielle Wright. It is situated in Otisville, Michigan. They raise their puppies at home with proper care and make sure that puppies go well along with their families. Currently, you can find miniature Aussiedoodles available in different colors, and sizes.

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Red Bud Beautiful Doodles

They are also family-based breeders. They test both parents before breeding to avoid any kind of genetic problems. They provide a 2 years guarantee, potty training, and socialization as well. They are accepting deposits with $400 for the upcoming litter.

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They sell miniature and small standard Aussiedoodles. They are available in different colors like blue, brindle, Latte, Phantom, etc. They provide all kinds of genetic health testing.

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  • Contact No: 734-417-8431
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 8253 Lake Crest Dr, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA



Strahan Farms Aussiedoodles

4 people are working behind this. They have miniature and standard-size Aussiedoodles available in the upcoming litter. They accept a $300 non-refundable deposit before reservation.

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Misty’s Toy Aussies

They are located in Metro Detroit Michigan and provide you with hand-delivered beautiful puppies at your local airports. They are very responsible, reputable breeders. They train them in their homes 24/7 and not in kennels or barns. So one thing is must that their puppies will be social and easy to train.

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  • Contact No: +1 248-303-2880
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 4556 Ethel, Highland Charter Twp, MI 48357


Misty’s Toy Aussies

Aussiedoodle Haven

They are located in Grass Lake Michigan. And they have litter twice a year. They started it 16 years back and provide you with the healthiest, most intelligent, and friendly puppies. They have a $210 non-refundable deposit policy.

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Michigan Aussiedoodle rescues

The Aussiedoodles are so cute and friendly that it becomes difficult to rescue them. Most people want to train a puppy.

aussiedoodle bad axe michigan

They do proper care of their mental health and provide all sorts of training. If you want to have an adult rescue dog in Michigan, then here is a list of doodle rescues:

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  • Michigan Animal Rescue League
  • Michigan Doodle Rescue
  • Detroit Dog Rescue Michigan
  • WAG Animal Rescue Michigan


Adult doodles demand a lot more care than a baby Aussiedoodle. There are many chances that they don’t respond to your love and affection, so you need to be patient.

Things to Remember

  1. When you get your desired pet and bring it home then a few things are important and you must keep them in your mind.
  2. Firstly the environment of your pet is completely altered, there is a 100% chance that they don’t respond to your affection.
  3. Secondly, they may change their behavior due to a lack of exercise. routine and diet change. So you should calmly understand their behavior and select a breed that is compatible with your lifestyle.
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What are Aussiedoodles?

Aussiedoodles are a wonderful mixed breed obtained by crossing an Australian Shepherd and a poodle. So the offspring inherit the best qualities of both parents. One reason for their increased popularity is their non-shedding coat. Intelligence, loyalty, and loving nature are the perfect recipe for a beautiful addition to your life. They are in different colors like black, blue phantom, gray, Sable, Tedy colors, etc.

The following three sizes are available for Aussiedoodles

mini Aussiedoodle Michigan

  • Toy Aussiedoodles

They are very cute, playful, and active. Their average weight is between 10-15 pounds and their height is maybe 10 inches or less.

  • Miniature Aussiedoodle

They are 15-45 pounds in weight and 10-15 inches in height. They show extreme gentleness and they have low-shedding coats. Sometimes they are also called medium Aussiedoodles.

  • Standard Aussiedoodles

 They are the largest variety among all Aussiedoodles and this happens because of their big parents. Standard Aussiedoodles weigh 45-70 pounds and their height is between 15-25 inches. 

Standard Aussiedoodles

Final Thoughts:

Aussiedoodle Michigan is a reputable and reliable breeder that specializes in Aussiedoodles, a popular hybrid dog breed that is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and friendly nature. With years of experience in breeding and raising dogs, Aussiedoodle Michigan takes great care in ensuring that all of their puppies are healthy, well-socialized, and ready for their new homes.

They also provide a range of services, including health testing, vaccinations, and microchipping, to ensure that their puppies receive the best possible care. If you’re looking for a loving and loyal companion, an Aussiedoodle from Aussiedoodle Michigan may be just what you need. Overall, Aussiedoodle Michigan is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, well-bred puppy.