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Check out the Aussiedoodle near me. Aussiedoodle might have a first impression as a joke, but they are very much an actual breed of dog. Above all, these are some of the most beautiful puppies on which you can lay your eyes and watch. Let’s try to find an Aussiedoodle near me.

Aussiedoodle Near me – Introduction 

These doodles are extremely fluffy, cute, and medium-sized bread of designer dogs, which is mostly created by crossing Australian Shepherd with a poodle. Like in every case, some of the times the characteristics of the Aussiedoodle may vary. But generally, they are slim and medium-sized dogs that have a stronger body. Coats may vary, but mostly they are very soft and fluffy to touch.

mini aussiedoodle near me

Like their parents, Aussiedoodles are trainable and intelligent creatures. They have playable and friendly nature, loves to fulfill jobs like catching or playing. Hence, they are a suitable option for those dogs’ lovers that are active and want to keep their energy high. All you just need to do is to bring that beautiful, loveable, and friendly doodle to your house. 

Although there are several options available from where you can buy your Aussiedoodle. But the best one you can get is nearer to you. You should search for “Aussiedoodle near me”, which will give you several advantages regarding the background, nature, and Pedigree of that Aussiedoodle. 

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List of Aussiedoodle Breeders Near you

Here we provide the list of Aussie doodles near you 

aussiedoodle breeders near me
Aussiedoodle breederLocationEmailPhone No.
Alabama Samson, Alabama[email protected]423-509-3021
Arizona Phoenix, Arizona[email protected]530-391-5884
California Susanville, California[email protected]530-310-2412
Florida Brooksville, Florida[email protected]618-218-1123
Georgia Blairsville, Georgia[email protected]706-994-1678
Idaho Council, Idaho[email protected]208-741-1005
Lowa Lamoni, Iowa[email protected]641-442-6831
Aussiedoodle breeders Near you

How to get an Aussie doodle? 

Aussiedoodle breeders

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When you are going to choose a crossbred dog, firstly it is important to see the parents of your Aussie doodle. this will help you in estimating the size of your puppy by seeing the size of the parent. The breeder that is trustworthy and good must have information about the parent’s lineage. The breeder should also be comfortable informing you about the specific mix of the litter.

aussiedoodle stud near me

You should go for a reputable breeder and this is determined by some factors. Here we provide you with these factors and you must follow these before choosing a breeder.

Lastly, it would be better if you don’t pick up a deal with a breeder who has an intent to take non-refundable profit.
Secondly, before paying any deposits, must check that the confirmed Aussiedoodle lives in a healthy and clean place.  
Firstly, you should physically meet the breeder. Don’t do any commitments on the internet. During your physical meetup, you must check the character of the breeder.  

Important things you should know about Aussie doodle 

Here we will discuss some important facts about the Aussiedoodles.

Aussiedoodles live about 11 to 12 years. If you want that he lives complete life, then give them proper diet and exercise. 
You should regularly clean your puppy daily and trim nails at least after two months. 
The water and food vessels of the Aussie doodle should be properly cleaned. 
There are chances that your Aussiedoodle inherits some diseases from the parents. This happens because they are a mixed breed. But mostly Aussiedoodles are healthy. 
To stay strong and healthy, they need a healthy diet. They should take two meals a day.  
Aussiedoodles need the love and attention of the family. They are very loving. When you are available, they are ready for snuggles, kisses, and pats. 
Aussiedoodles are very energetic and they always love to play. They quickly respond to you when you call them.


Aussiedoodle is one of the new breeds that are available in the market under the category of designer dogs. Specially, these types of dogs are very much well known to enthusiasts and cute dog lovers. And it’s certainly not only these qualities that make this species attractive, of course, but there are also plenty of other specialties that make them cooler.  

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Considering both the Poodle breed and Australian Shepherded, both of these are remarkable attractive species that have joyful and playable nature. Whatsoever, along with the handsome growing popularity of these breeds, there is not much information available on these crossbreeds.

aussiedoodle rescue near me

Some of the doodles do have some proper origin or origin-based story to follow their trails. Like in the case of Bernedoodle and Labradoodle does have a specific origin. However, in the case of Aussiedoodle, they’re not enough luck to find a suitable origin, or story to follow that origin of its appearance.  

Some of the best guesses may lead us that the Aussiedoodle has some of the similarities concerning the origin with most of the designer dogs. These guesses also lead us to conclude that these Aussiedoodle must have been firstborn in the previous 20 years or so, around the United States


Aussiedoodles are created by making a cross between a purebred Australian Shepherd and a purebred Poodle. While making a cross, the bitch is generally an Australian Shepherd which is as a Poodle, that carried by a male Australian Shepherded, that may have concerns related to health which may appear due to the newborn puppy’s size.  

In contrast to the noble ancestors of the Aussiedoodle, these doodles are not still recognized by the famous American Kennel Club. On the other hand, the majority of the clubs do not consider Aussiedoodle as purebred, so they are not fit for registration. Hence, you would not get any sort of official pedigree papers for your Aussiedoodle that you have bought near you.

 aussiedoodle breeders near channel islands

But in the case, you bought an Aussiedoodle near you, then sometimes the reputable breeders allow seeing their parents check yourself according to the behavior and appearance of the pet. That is one of the best advantages of finding an Aussiedoodle near me. Hence at least you can guess the behavior and nature of the puppy you are growing.  

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Also do consider dauber breeders, puppy mills, and other places like pet stores that sell Aussiedoodle. In most cases, dogs in these sorts of places are not only sick but are also mistreated and sometimes also have congenital issues.

aussiedoodle Female grooming near me


We have tried to provide you with an insight into the dealing and how to buy and find an Aussiedoodle near me. We recommend you to search around your area for those places where you can buy a handsome, cute Aussiedoodle for you rather than buying from a pet shop or pet stores.  

However, if you have a trusted place where you are assuring of the quality bred and crossing, then you can also look forward to it. Whatever the scenario is, your main goal is to find the most suitable creature for your home, and, most of the time, your best Aussiedoodle is already around you.  

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