Aussiedoodle Shedding | Do Aussiedoodles Shed?

Are you having a problem with your Aussiedoodle shedding? Then don’t worry, you are at the right place. Yes, some of the Aussiedoodle do shed heavily which may cause many issues, not only to the owner. But it is also other members of the family or the cycle around her. But we have come up with a solution to your problem. 

Aussiedoodle Shedding Puppy Coat – Introduction

Shedding is dependent on inheritance traits. So firstly, you can get your puppy by choice that does not have shedding issues. However, in some cases, Aussiedoodles start shedding due to some other problems, such as hair loss issues or skin problems. In that case, you must help your Aussiedoodle to tackle these issues.  

Allergy-sensitive people must take good care of themselves, especially when they are around dogs. Whatsoever, we brought some excellent tips that can help you solve the shedding and allergic issues, making even stronger bonds between you and your Aussiedoodle. Just stick with the article; we have brought everything that you need to know. 

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Types of Aussiedoodle Coats

Here we discuss two types of Aussiedoodle coats that are curly and wavy.  

Coats Genes Grooming Shedding Brushing 
Curly coats Comes from poodle parent Requires more grooming Requires more grooming Need to brush daily 
Wavy Coat Comes from Australian Shepherd Requires less grooming More shedding Requires less grooming

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Hypoallergenic dogs are low shedding dogs that cause fewer allergic reactions to allergy-sensitive individuals. For pets, protein particles in the hair and saliva cause allergic reactions. The individual may suffer from running nose, asthma, itching and sneezing, and eyes issues. 

Let’s look towards the chain of allergy-causing phenomena. The leading role is the saliva and dander of the dog. When dogs are licking themselves, saliva gets attached to the hair dander, which may fall in their environment. They may fall on the furniture, on the carpet, or even in the air that may get change.  

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In contrast, if you have a hypoallergenic dog, then you may not suffer from these types of issues. Hypoallergic dogs do not produce a high amount of saliva or dander. Hence they are less prone to allergenically sensitive individuals.

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Does Aussiedoodle shed even if they are hypoallergic

Definitely yes, Aussiedoodle does shed even if they are from a hypoallergenic breed. Not only Aussiedoodle but every type of dog shed with the same intensity as this breed. The central, crucial part of this thing is the coat that the Aussiedoodle has. And that coat depends on the inheritance trades from the parents and ancestors.  

Those Aussiedoodle that have the puppy coat will not shed much because they have curly hair. Double coats containing Aussiedoodle are had traits from Australian Shepherded and have wavy fur. Due to wavy fur and double coat, they are heavy shedders and have many issues.  

Considering the generations of Aussiedoodle, first-generation (F1), Aussiedoodle is purebred dogs with equal chances to contain wavey and curly coats. Second generation Aussiedoodle is a hybrid of 25% Australian shepherd and 75% poodle. This second-generation Aussiedoodle is a cross between two types of breeds. Hence they do not shed a lot. So, if you are an allergic person, then F1b or F2 Aussie doodles are the best matches that you have got. 

How intensely does Aussiedoodles Shed?

Aussiedoodle is considered a non-shed dog if you want to take it as a pet or adequately to take care of this dog. This does not show that Aussiedoodle cannot shed, and however, they shed but relatively minimal. When you brush the fur of the Aussiedoodle, they notice it visibly.  

Shedding of Aussiedoodle is the same as seeing the hairs in combs when we brush it. If you take care of your hair and are healthy, there are fewer chances of falling. Aussiedoodle shedding depends on the genes and heredity. Also, we determine why type of coat they consist of. 

Aussiedoodles have curly hairs if he has more genes from poodle parent. When a dog consists of a single curly coat, then Aussiedoodle shedding is nominal. If more genes are taken from Australian shepherds, then Aussiedoodle has a double wavy coat, and these types of coats shed more.  

Does the breeder shed their puppy coats? 

It is common among breeders to shed their puppy coats, and they only gradually shed their puppy coats. The fur of the puppy coat is scattered when they blow out their coat. As compared to other dogs, you will see more hair in one place.  

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Aussiedoodle puppy starts their shedding when they are just 4 to 6 months similar to other breeds. Aussiedoodle shedding is low in the curly coat as compared to wavy or straight coats. In the beginning, curly coats take some months for shedding.

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How to deal with the shedding of Aussiedoodle? 

Firstly, you should check that where the shedding comes from. When you notice all of them, then you should deal with them one by one. It is challenging to deal with this, and a lot of care and work is required. 

You should face it properly by brushing or grooming the Aussiedoodle. It is not too challenging to brush daily, and you can easily do this. Moreover, if your Aussiedoodle has a wavy coat, then brushing requires after two weeks. Hence, by doing this, you can efficiently deal with Aussiedoodle shedding.

Factors affecting the Shedding of Aussiedoodle

Due to genetics, Aussiedoodles do not shed more. But suppose your Aussiedoodle is showing abnormal behavior in shedding that it shed a lot. In that case, this occurs due to the following reasons.  Here we give you the answer to why is my Aussie doodle shedding?

 mini aussiedoodle shedding


Aussiedoodles are not immune to anxiety and worry like other dogs. Through isolation and separation anxiety, Aussiedoodles do this because they love dogs and like to spend time with family. If stress occurs, then there are more chances of shedding as human hair fall occurs due to worry.  

If you provide fresh air or proper exercise to your Aussiedoodle, it can trigger anxiety and become bored. You should spend some time, give attention, and take them for walks to check why they are worried or have anxiety.  

Unhealthy Diet

Puppies are like humans, and they also need a healthy diet. You have noticed that when you are not taking a proper diet or compromise on a diet, hair falls. The same thing is also happening with the Aussiedoodles. 

As you see that, a lot of shedding is considered as abnormal behavior in Aussiedoodles. So, for this purpose, you should daily check what your pet is eating, and the pet has increased shedding problems if he has changed in the diet.  

To improve the health of the Aussiedoodle, give them fresh sardines, omega 3 fatty acids in the diet. Another thing that helps in shedding is zinc. You should also go and consult the nutrition for a proper diet to avoid F1 Aussiedoodle shedding.

Bugs and parasites

Fleas and parasites can affect the shedding of dogs. When the bug bites, it results in irritation as well as allergies.  

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To avoid the biting of the bites, you should regularly and properly groom your Aussiedoodle. You should wash their coats, dry them properly, and brush them regularly. By doing this, trapped flies cannot bite or move out from the fur.   

When Aussiedoodles shed more? 

Here we discuss two reasons which Aussiedoodles shed a lot.  

When coats of Aussiedoodles are not regularly brushed, they shed more. However, grooming decreases the Aussiedoodle shedding
Aussiedoodles that have a double coat also shed more. They are more shed, especially during hotter days.    

How can we prevent our Aussiedoodle from shedding? 

Here are few preventive steps that are very important and helpful if you want to stop the shedding of your Aussiedoodle. Although Aussiedoodles vary from bred to breed, these steps can overcome your dog’s hairs on the furniture and other environments around you.  

Trimming of your Aussiedoodle

It is always recommended that you should trim your Aussiedoodle from a professional person. Some people love to retain the curly hairs of their pet, but they also need to get trimmed after a certain length. However, those Aussie doodles that have a curly coat should be cut after regular intervals.  

Brushing of your Aussiedoodle

Daily attention and care are always required for every pet. The same is the case with the Aussiedoodle. Curly hairs of your Aussiedoodle can get matted quickly, so you should take daily care of your doodle by brushing her hairs.  

Most of the Aussiedoodle loves to play outdoor, so if your doodle plays in the mud or water, then you should brush and clean her before the regular bath time. Furthermore, brushing proves the best way for Aussiedoodle to groom them. 

 aussiedoodle coat changes

Giving bath

The best thing to do is to give your Aussiedoodle bath. You can bathe your Aussiedoodle daily, which will not only provide a refreshing effect to your Aussiedoodle but also make her clean. Hair problems can also get reduced to much extent if you carry out proper bathing of your Aussiedoodle.  

However, some professionals say that you should give a bath to your Aussiedoodle after 2 weeks or so, while some say that it can be a month. But we should recommend that you can bathe your Aussiedoodle whenever she needs or get dirty while playing.   

Final words

Aussiedoodle shed, but those doodles that are hypoallergic have less tendency of shedding. This is dependent on the dominant parental gene from their parents that makes them heavy or less shedder.

So, the best thing you can do if you want to avoid this is to buy an Aussiedoodle from a reputable and trusted breeder. Or you can also follow the steps and guidelines we have given to you above. Hopefully, we have done our part to help you and your doodle relationship.

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