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Let’s discuss Aussiedoodle Temperament. Designer and breed dogs are very much in trend now. Especially, Aussiedoodle is currently dominating the market of designer dogs. You can see many of them around you. So, many people are adopting these doodles as their pets. Also, after taking Aussie doodles in their home, people are very keen regarding the Aussiedoodle temperament and nature.

Aussiedoodle female Temperaments and the behavior of any species are dependent on their inheritance characteristics and their growing environment. Both of these things can change the nature and temperament of that particular species. The same is the case with the Aussiedoodle, which may vary in temperament, different from one Aussiedoodle to another.

However, you can discuss with the breeder where you buy your puppy for better suggestions and options. But most importantly, you can control and change the temperament of your Aussiedoodle on your own. Only you just need to follow and have knowledge about certain things. Let’s have a tour regarding the Aussiedoodle temperament and how you can control it.

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Comparison between Behaviour, Personality, and Aussiedoodle Temperament

The Temperament of the Aussiedoodle

Here we discuss some points relating to Aussiedoodle temperament.

  • An Aussiedoodle becomes an intelligent, caring, loving, and sweet dog with proper upbringing and socialization.
  • Aussiedoodles are bred from poodles and Australian shepherds, and they inherit hunting and herding traits from their beautiful parents. Therefore, sometimes you see your puppy nipping and biting kids or dogs that inherit from shepherds.
  • Aussiedoodles are very friendly with other pets and family members. These are amazing dogs and welcome everyone with a big heart.
  • Another essential feature of Aussie doodles is that they inherit swimming from the poodles. So, they are natural swimmers. But in some cases, Aussie doodle does not like water.
  • Aussiedoodles are very possessive and protective of their human family. They love the person a lot who is near to them. Hence, they have a very loving nature.
  • As we know that Aussiedoodles are very clever dogs, so it is easy to train them. Low maintenance is required for them. They always respect their owners and listen to them.
  • When Aussiedoodles play on the ground or someone knocks on the door, they bark at the animal and strangers and become territorial.
Brown Aussiedoodle Temperament

Aussiedoodle Temperament – Behaviour, Personality, Temperament


It is the way the person or animal performs due to a particular stimulus and situation.

The most important thing that you should do for your puppy is to figure out the behavior of the Aussie doodle. It depends on you how you can mold your puppy or change the behavior of your dog. Mostly, the first thing that directly affects the behavior of the puppy is your way of interaction. It depends a lot on how you treat your Aussiedoodle in the first 2-3 months.

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You can make your dog protective by your behavior. Moreover, if your dog barks a lot, that’s behavior is also encouraged by you using accidents. You can shape the behavior of your dog when it is small. It is difficult to shape the behavior of an aussiedoodle after 4 months and older. However, it is good to shape their behavior earlier.

If your puppy barks or jumps on the gate and you are looking at your dog. This is the perfect time to taught your puppy what to do. If you do not stop him from barking them, it becomes a puppy’s habit to bark. You can give the lesson of barking by providing attention. Furthermore, if you share a toy with your puppy after biting you, you provide the price for grinding. If you excite or wrestle your puppy, you will be given the lesson of being hyper compared to becoming calm.

Temperament – Nature of animal or person

Genes of the aussiedoodles are responsible for controlling the Aussiedoodle puppies’ temperament. Suppose someone says that Australian shepherds like to swim or poodles are clever dogs. In that case, both of these features describe the temperament of your aussiedoodle.

We can explain this by using an example. In some cases, you have an aussiedoodle that does not go in the water after many attempts. This is the temperament of your doodle. In some cases, your dog does not go in the water because you have not introduced the water to dog during the first 6 months.

Now we take another example, some dogs have a temperament that they love to hunt. It is the nature of aussiedoodle to track a scent trail. Due to this reason, aussiedoodles are more preferable as compared to Labradoodles. The hunting temperament of F1b aussiedoodles is very low. That’s why they are very reliable off-leash as compared to Labradoodles.

 toy aussiedoodle temperament


The mixture of qualities and characteristics that show the distinctive character of the individual

You can slightly bit shape or change the personality of the dog. If you have two aussiedoodles from a similar litter and you have treated them in the same way. Then these two dogs have almost the same temperament and behavior. Still, each of them has a different and unique personality.

Here we discuss the example of personality. Mini Poochie is a playful creature who loves to move around the house to find a person who can play with her. All they just need is your few times and love. In return, they will give you joy and happiness, just like the member of your family.

Why my Aussiedoodle is Aggressive Sometimes?

Generally, Aussiedoodles do have friendly and loving nature. Still, due to some issues with them, they may behave aggressively or have some Aussiedoodle temper issues. Here are some key points that may be the reason for increased aggression in Aussie doodles.

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Lack of socialization

Lack of socialization or social interaction not only affects humans, but your pets also do suffer from this routine. As a result of which, dogs, specially aussiedoodles, show aggressive behavior with time. Hence, you need to socialize your Aussiedoodle correctly to make your pet’s complete lovable bonding nature.

You can do this in several ways, like you can take out your Aussiedoodle with other dogs on a walk or to the nearest park. If you have any children, then they can also make you have a fun time.


Possessiveness is the characteristic of most dogs. Basically, Aussiedoodle is protective as well as possessive about their owner and family. So, like other dogs, when they or their loved ones feel any threat, they unintentionally become aggressive, and their behavior changes.

Moreover, they want to have the complete attention of the people around them. If that thing gets out of control, then your Aussiedoodle may have severe temper issues when he gets young. So, your aussiedoodle may act on strange people or things that come close to you or bark at them.

Dominant nature

Bossy Aussiedoodle is always difficult to handle and control. Aussiedoodle does have a dominant nature and loves to become a boss or on the driving seat. Hence if their habits are not controlled in a better way, then they may become aggressive. So, the owner must control the practices or nature of their Aussiedoodle.


Separation anxiety can make your Aussiedoodle moody or cranky. Hence, if you leave your puppies alone in the home for several periods, your Aussiedoodle may grow some temperament issues. They do need to have a human presence around them, so if you are not present around them for the period, they may get bored and frustrated, which can change their mood with time.

Irregular exercise

Aussiedoodle needs to have exercise daily for a specific period. So if you are not training your doodle properly or taking breaks in practice, this can frustrate your puppies, which changes its nature or behavior towards you.

Illness or Pain

In case if your aussiedoodle is in pain, then definitely she will behave strangely. Well-attached owners do now about the painful and ill behavior of their doodle. As a result, they take better care of their pet by judging their behavior.

Aussiedoodle Mixed Dog Breed Pictures

How to calm aggressive behavior of Aussiedoodle

Here are a few approaches that can be very helpful to calm the behavior of your doodle.

Mental stimulation

Mental activities are constructive to solve anger management issues from the very beginning. You can also apply this to your Aussiedoodle and make her interactive in healthy mind activities. You can play games in which your doodle’s mind or intelligence can take part.
Moreover, you can also arrange few puzzles for dogs that are available in the market. Try to play those games which make him focused on an activity.

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Adequate exercise is always helpful to control miniature Aussiedoodle temperament. Your Aussiedoodle remains calm and cool if given proper time and exercise to your doodle. Your doodle will not be aggressive if she does not have enough energy for that.
You can give exercise to your doodle with walks and runs. You can also play with her, ball and catching. That also gives you good joy and quality time with your pet.

Calming Cents

Dogs are attractive towards scents and smells. Few types of auroras and smells have calming effects, such as lavender and vanilla. These cents can not only sedate humans, but they also have a calming effect on aussiedoodles.
Aussiedoodle is also active towards smells. So, you can sniff them with these types of fragrances, as a result, they may have a sedative effect on your Aussiedoodle, which makes her less aggressive.

How to change the aggressive nature of your Aussie doodle?

Passive reinforcement method

Promote your Aussiedoodle positive and passive reinforcement methods. If your dog is doing something incorrectly, then verbally discourage him. Don’t hit and punish your dog. Because this type of behavior frightened him and destroyed his excellent relationship with your dog. However, encourage the positive attitude of dogs with reward and praise.


It is good to consistently train your dogs. When you see that your aussiedoodle is doing something wrong, then stop her from doing this. All family members should follow the same behavior that prevents them from doing something wrong. Must start the training of the aussiedoodle when he is small because it is challenging to train older dogs.

Avoid adhesive training method

The best thing for your aussiedoodle is that you should always avoid adhesive training for them. These pieces of exercise are not helpful to discipline your dog. The adhesive training method only provides trauma and fears to your puppy. Due to this, they become terrified of you because they do not know why you beat her.  However, they will constantly worry and never again be sincere with you.

Establish boundaries

To put your aussiedoodle in a limit, you can present a crate for your dog. When you were gone, let them sleep there. Gradually they become comfortable in a crate. You should avoid using the crate for punishment. Because it must be a happy and good place for your aussiedoodle.

Things Only Aussiedoodle People Understand

Final words

We have tried to give you complete knowledge regarding different factors and things that can affect the temperament of your Aussiedoodle. We know that your pets are significant for you and so for us. So, we have studied and observed the behavior of many Aussie doodles and then concluded our remarks.

Do make sure that your Aussiedoodle is having some quality time with you. Try to understand and predict the behavior of your pet, which will help to judge and control Aussie doodle temperament.

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