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Are you looking for a very cute Aussiedoodle toy then you are at the right place? Everybody wants to have a pet that stays for a long time and gives quality time through bonding with the owner. Australian Shepherd is the perfect option as a pet, but yes, most people prefer to have a toy pet that they can grow themselves. Such a requirement can be fulfilled if you find an Aussiedoodle toy. 

Toy Mini Aussiedoodle – Introduction

There are plenty of options that are available in the market where you can adopt an Aussie doodle toy. The problem arises in the breeds and temperament of the Aussiedoodle. Not all farms and pet houses raise doodles according to the quality standard of diet and supplements. Moreover, good traits and temperament are also not controlled.  

Well, here are brought few things that you must need to know if you are willing to adopt the Aussiedoodle toy.

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Aussiedoodle TypesWeightHeightWhen Fully grown
Toy Aussiedoodle10-15 pounds10 or less than 10 inches8-11 months
Medium Aussiedoodle15-45 pounds10-15 inches11-14 months
Standard Aussiedoodle45-70 poundsAbove 15 inches13-16.5 months
Typical size predictions of Aussiedoodle

Contact information of Aussiedoodle toy Breeders

Here in this, we provide you with the contact number and location of the breeders. Also, we give information about the price range of Aussiedoodle toy dogs. 

Breeders Price Location Contact 
Crazy Patch Ranch $1,700 to $2,700 Benton City, WA (509) 554-2536 
Happy Hollow Ranch $1,500 to $2,00 Winnsboro, Texas (903) 431-1840 (909) 208-8457 
Signature Doodles $2,500 to $2,900 Bentonville Road, Decatur, IL (217) 855-4851 (217) 454-7527 
Lakeside Farm Puppies$1,500 to $3,000 Flat Rock, IL (618) 554-5140 
Northwest Aussiedoodles Depending on coat color, the price ranges from $2,300 to $3,000 Malad City, Idaho (435) 720-0010 
Steindoodles $2,000 to $2,800 Creston, Ohio (330) 347-4651 (330) 466-0424 
Awesome Doodle Not available Multiple Locations– 
Contact information of Aussiedoodle toy breeders
toy aussiedoodle breeders

important Things Related to the Aussiedoodle toy  


Aussiedoodle toys are a mixed breed. They breed from the mini poodle and Australian shepherd. The average weight of these Aussiedoodles is approximately 5 to 6 pounds, and the average height is about 10-inches. Aussiedoodle toy life span is about 10 to 12 years.  If you use toy poodles in crossbreeding, they give smaller Aussie doodles as compared to standard dogs. 


These Aussie doodles are intelligent, loving, sweet, brilliant, patient, and friendly with young, old humans, other pets, and family members. Aussiedoodle toys are brilliant and it is easy to train them. They are intelligent dogs and easily pick everything.  

Some of the Aussiedoodle toy breeders give them basic training, but some unique pieces of exercise are also easily given to these dogs. As they are small Aussie doodles, they have fragile bones and bodies that are easily susceptible to rough handling. Toy Aussiedoodles are not suitable for those homes that have other pets and children. 

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Moreover, it is easy to train these Aussiedoodles. Some breeders give them simple training but are good to provide them with special training. They are intelligent, friendly, and loving dogs. Moreover, they get laterally with old and young humans, other pets, and family members. As they are small in size, handling these dogs is difficult. So, if you have children in your home, then go for medium-sized Aussie doodles.

toy aussiedoodle full grown


Aussiedoodle toy comes with a wavy or curly coat. These coats are beautiful because they are available in different colors. These colors attract many people that love Aussiedoodles.

Coats have multiple colors like blue merle, red and black tri, tan, black, solid color, and sable. Moreover, coats of toy Aussiedoodles may be wavy or curly. These coats are available in different colors like blue merle, black and red tri, red merle, tan, solid color, and sable. 


Grooming of the Aussiedoodle toy puppies is essential. You can groom your toy Aussiedoodle by taking them to the groomer. You should take your doodle to the saloon after twelve weeks. The groomers clip their nails, trip hair that gives an excellent look to the Aussie doodle toy.  

The main factor is the generation of the puppy. Aussiedoodle generation is used to determine the genetic makeup of the Aussiedoodle. As they are hybrid, so the size depends on the more significant percentage of the dog. If the more giant dog has a high rate, then your Aussiedoodle will grow larger.

 aussiedoodle toy size

Health problems

There are chances that some diseases deal with Aussiedoodle try. Some of them are genetic while some occur due to other reasons. These diseases are as follows

Hip dysplasia
Cushing disease
Sebaceous Adenitis
Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Progressive Retinal Atrophy 
Eye Problems 

In short, Common health issues associated with toy Aussiedoodles are cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, Sebaceous Adenitis, epilepsyPancreatitis, Multiple Drug Sensitivity, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Eye Problems, and Cushing’s disease. 

Do not forget these factors 

To stay healthy, they require proper physical and mental exercise. Change the activities of toy Aussiedoodles because they get bored from the same exercises. They are expensive as compared to medium-sized Aussiedoodles. Their price ranges in between $1500 to $5000.  

However, the height of these Aussiedoodles is short. Toy Aussiedoodles are the most minor type of Aussiedoodle. It is easy to carry these Aussiedoodles. The weight of toy Aussiedoodles full grown is between 10-15 pounds. 

toy aussiedoodle for sale

Additionally, the next factor is to check whether the puppy is female or male. It is estimated that female Aussiedoodles are slightly shorter than male Aussiedoodles, approximately 10% on average. You should know that there is a more considerable difference between genders in the larger standard Aussiedoodle size and a more minor difference in toy Aussiedoodle size. 

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Aussiedoodle toy Reputable Breeders in the US

Awesome doodles

These are large groups of breeders that are present across the US. They have a specialized approach, and they are not as puppy breeders and farms. They raised all the puppies in their home as pets. Awesome doodle consists of families that grow and breed SheepaDoodle, Bernedoodle, and Aussiedoodle puppies. 

The good thing about this breeder is that they conduct the DNA test of parents as well as puppies. They show you the reports of all the tests. Moreover, the Aussiedoodle toy from this breeder comes with a health warranty of 2-years. For picking the puppies from their location, a delivery option is also available. They also give lifetime support for their doodles.  

Signature doodles

If you are looking for very active puppies and participate in healthy activities, like playing and walking, then here is the best option. You can buy signature Aussiedoodle. These Aussiedoodles are raised on a rural farm, where they get a lot of health activities before they come of their age.  

These signature doodles are also quick, and they get their training from the experts on the farm. Those buyers who are looking for lifetime support, especially first-time dog buyers have this perfect option. Like the above one, they also conduct the test and other procedures on the Aussiedoodles and their parents to ensure the transfer of healthy traits from parents to their child.

You can also book your Aussiedoodle before she comes of that age. You can also have vested and inspected the growth of your puppies. This also saves time, than waiting on the long list.

aussie doodle puppies for sale

Northwest Aussiedoodle 

They have different types of Aussie doodles like mini, toy, and standard Aussiedoodles and consist of Australian shepherds. They gave dewormed and shots to their puppies. The good factor of northwest Aussiedoodle is that they deliver their puppies everywhere you want. These breeders have no fixed prices and vary based on coat, color, and eye color. To secure your Aussiedoodle toy, you should pay a deposit. 

Crazy Patch Ranch 

When you look at the list of toys Aussiedoodle available for sale, you would see Crazy Patch Ranch on the top of that list. In this program that is known as Crazy Patch Ranch, they breed dogs in a family. So, the Aussiedoodle will grow up in the family kind of environment.  

To ensure that they only breed and raise healthy puppies, several genetic tests are conducted. This also helps to increase their reputation to trade only the healthiest favorable Aussiedoodles. Moreover, special attention is also given to the temperament of your puppy.  

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The youngest puppy that you can get from them is at the age of at least eight weeks. They are different than their competitors because they feed their puppies a healthy diet, grow them under the care of experts, and brand food. You can also check more details on their official website.  

toy aussiedoodle puppies for sale

Lakeside Farm Puppies 

Some people look for a dog that has active social behavior. Those dogs can be raised under special training and care. Lakeside farm puppies are the right choice for those that want a healthy and playful puppy. These puppies are grown in family farms where they get clean air, huge space, and a lovable company of the family members.  

They are grown few weeks in the family that take care and raise them with respect. Some of the Toy Aussiedoodles are also grown in these lakeside farms that contain ICA registration. These Aussiedoodle also get proper vaccination and supplements.  Moreover, the record of puppies and other certificates is made available on the official site that can be excessed by everyone.  

For the customer’s surety, these farms also provide one-year genetic certificates to the actual owners of the Aussie doodles.  


Hannah Steiner and owners Riley have a calm breeding program and they take care of these doodles. These breeders can do him with their families. So, you need to relax because your Aussiedoodle toy is in experienced hands. Steindoodles conduct genetic tests, OFA, and ENS (early nerve stimulation) for hip dysplasia.   

These breeders provide a healthy diet t their puppies. They take their food from life’s abundance. Also, their puppies have a genetic health warranty of 2-years. Steindoodles provide many pickings, shipping, and delivery option after selecting the puppy. Another essential quality is that they also run guardian programs as signature doodles. For this, you can open the website and fill the application form.

toy aussiedoodle rescue

Happy Hollow Ranch

The healthiest pets are those that get a proper diet and food according to their growing needs. However, most of the Aussiedoodles are not so much lucky that they get a quality diet. Not all of the puppies’ farms get quality died and supplement.  

 Unlike that, Aussiedoodles raised in Happy Hollow Ranch get quality diets and supplements that help them nourish well. This Ranch is located in Texas. Happy Hollow Ranch not only takes care and grows dogs. Furthermore, they also rise cross horses, gypsy horses, miniature Australian Shepherds, and Miniature Aussiedoodles.  

Aussiedoodles raised on this farm get NuVet supplement and Purina Pro Plan helps them grow at their best. The combination of these two produce Aussiedoodles that are healthiest, physically, but their mental growth is also quite extraordinary. All of these things are available on their website.  

Final Words:

When you decide to buy an Aussiedoodle toy for home, you should select a reputable breeder.  It is sometimes difficult to choose a good one. Here we provide you with detailed information about some breeders. Moreover, we also give you information about the opportunity that they offer you.

Aussiedoodle toys are intelligent and loving doodles. However, they are friendly and suitable for home pets. If you want to buy Aussiedoodle toy size dogs, then this article helps you a lot.

Here in this article, you can also get the breeders’ information from here. If you are confused about the weight and height of the toy Aussie doodle, then this article will help you. In the end, we say that if you buy these puppies, you should properly take care of them.