Blue Merle Aussiedoodle | Everything you should know

A Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is a hybrid dog breed that is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. But Aussiedoodle gained its popularity in the 1900s. The “Merle” refers to a coat pattern that features a mottled or marbled look with patches of blue, gray, black, and white. The Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is a popular designer breed due to their hypoallergenic coat and intelligence.

As with all hybrid breeds, the traits of a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle can vary depending on the characteristics of their parent breeds. Generally, they are intelligent, friendly, and social dogs that require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They are known for being affectionate and loyal companions, and often make great family pets. However, as with any dog breed, it is important to research and understand the breed’s specific needs and temperament before bringing one into your home.

blue merle aussiedoodle for sale

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This breed is also very active, so it is difficult to contain them only indoors or close to the house.  Additionally, these puppies are also quite expensive, blue merle Aussie doodle cost is about 10000$. However, other options are also available, such as adoption from local rescue shelters. But what they promise is quality time and company with love and care for you and your family in the house

Blue Merle AussiedoodleQualities

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle has either blue or brown eyes along with a black nose. Merle genes have the characteristics to give variable color, without which the whole Aussiedoodle will be black. They have friendly behavior with other pets and children which puts them in a good place as the home pet. You can easily buy the best merle Aussiedoodle for sale from an online store.

Moreover, if you buy your first dog, don’t worry; Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is very easy to handle. You should take care of the proper Blue Merle Aussiedoodle that must be done for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily. You can take your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle with you when you are going for a morning walk or running to get fantastic company with you.

In this article, we will try to provide all the information regarding Blue Merle Aussiedoodle they must know before buying them. Our experts intensely studied the behavior, outlook, and nature of these Aussiedoodle dogs. They brought their observations here in the form of an article. So, stick with our article; definitely, you will get many things to learn regarding Blue Merle Aussiedoodle.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle intoduction

Here we discuss some information about blue Merle. These points give you a complete overview of them. Before buying this, you must study these points they give you a lot of knowledge about blue Merle Aussiedoodle.

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Blue Merle Aussiedoodle Appearance

blue merle aussiedoodle full grown

Your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle’s appearance depends on the characteristics of genes that are inherited from your parents. So, it may look very much similar to its parents. However, some deviation may occur in some cases. They usually are 14 to 23 inches taller in length, and their weight is around 25 to 75, pretty perfect pounds.

In the toy Aussiedoodle, the length is 10 inches, and the weight is also lesser only 4 to 6 pounds. Furthermore, slandered Aussiedoodle has a weight of approximately 40 to 70 pounds and is 15 inches taller. Mini Aussiedoodle is 10 to 15 inches taller and has 10 to 15 pounds weight.

Your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle has considerable variability in the color of the eyes. It may have the same colors of the eyes throughout life, or it may vary with age. Mostly the color of the Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is brown, but their color may vary. Blue merle Aussiedoodle with blue eyes looks very attractive.

Some of the Blue Merle Aussiedoodle have blue color at the start, then the color of the eyes changes from blue to brown with time. Another possibility is having different eyes, blue and brown, at the same time.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle Grooming

Merle inherited the coat from his poodle parent when you’re blue and then brushes his coat daily. The hairs of the blue Merle Aussiedoodle should be trim after eight to twelve weeks, and the breed of blue Merle requires a daily bath. Also, their nails of his should be appropriately clipped for proper grooming of the dog.

The dog’s ears should be cleaned using a damp cloth, and after this, dry them with a dry one. Also, the nails of the blue Merle should be cut properly. You also need to brush your teeth. The breed of the blue Merle can be waterproof, straighter wavy, standard length Australian shepherd coat or the soft and curly coat of the poodle.

Those Aussie doodle that has tight curls are the best ones when they come to shedding. The benefit of the tight curls is that they do not replace the hairs and keep them in place. Blue Merle Aussie doodle has both wavy and straight coats, and blue Merle with a straight coat is worst for shedding, while those with wavy coats do not shed much.

Blue Merle Aussie doodle Crate Size

The 42-Inch crate is suitable for adult Aussiedoodle. If you have a small Aussie doodle, then a tiny crate is also ideal for this. Full-grown blue merle Aussie doodles are active and beautiful, and you need a large size crate for them.

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Blue Merle Aussiedoodle Health

Blue Merle is generally healthy, and if they have adequately cared for, they can survive for 10 to 12 years. There is the possibility that they can inherit some health problems from their parents. As they as a hybrid, so there are fewer chances that they get these diseases. There are a lot of risks, but the possibility of developing these risks is very low.

Blue Merle Aussie doodle has chances of getting diseases like Von Willebrand’s Disease, epilepsy, Cushing’s disease, pancreatitis, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Hip dysplasia is a common disease that can occur in blue Merle Aussiedoodle.

In hip dysplasia, a dog develops a damaged hip joint because of heredity or environmental factors. Suppose you notice that your blue Merle is limping, can’t move properly, or using only one leg more often. In that case, you should consult with the vet or go to the vet for a proper checkup and diagnosis.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle Temperament

Blue Merle aussiedoodle are fun loving. They enjoy playing different activities with the members of the family. Moreover, they are also affectionate, intelligent, and loyal. Blue Merle is great with children and other pets, and dogs love the cuddle, and they can also run and hike with you.

In some cases, this breed nips because of their heritage. However, they are trained in such a way that they don’t show this kind of behavior.

For some people, the energy level of the dogs may be sometimes overwhelming. Blue Merle can understand, process, and retain information compared to other dogs. They become destructive when they do not gain proper exercise.


You should release the exercise of blue Merle constructively so that it does not cause harm to anyone. If training is not done correctly, then the breed can’t be healthy and happy. You can come to know it by the destructive behavior of the dog.

Enough walk for this breed is 45-minutes twice a day. To make your dog mentally healthy, offer him brain games. Physical activity is also required for blue Merle Aussie doodle, and this breed will benefit from games and agility exercises.


When your Aussie doodle becomes 8 weeks old, then you can start training. They may be busy with some other things, but also, they can absorb the new stuff.

Firstly, you should give potty training to the pups. For this, you should take him every day to a specific place. Therefore, obedience training is easy because they love it too well. You should reward him and appreciate him when he is going to do something good.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle gets the weight quickly, so don’t overdo him. Another ability of this breed is that they can easily understand the body language and make sense, so treat him correctly.

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To socialize your blue Merle Aussiedoodle early, take them along with people and other pets. You should also make sure that they don’t nip, herd or nudge people and other animals.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle Diet

A proper diet for your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle can be taken for by the vet, so you can get a good diet plan from the doctor. These dogs must have a diet 3 to 4 times a day until they become the age of 6 months. Quality of the food is very crucial for the proper health of your dog, so always buy a diet from a trusted outlet.

Also, make sure that your dog has proper and easy access to fresh water at all times. Younger dogs get thirsty after a while, so water must be present around your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle all the time.

Suggestions for Aussiedoodle owner

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  • Aussiedoodles love to play, so you should play a lot when they want to play.
  • This breed requires too much attention, so you should be mentally prepared to give them much attention before buying it.
  • They have the ability that they like go play different tasks. For this, you must teach them how to do tricks or fetch. In doing this, their mind and body get busy.
  • They live in water. To entertain them, go to the dam with them or open the water in your garden.
  • They have fluffy beards that can quickly soak water. Therefore, you should be ready for dirty floors and wet kisses.


Benefits of having Aussie doodle

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  • They are good companions that love you a lot.
  • Aussiedoodle does not bark a lot, and they can protect themselves.
  • It is effortless to train them because they are brilliant.
  • They look beautiful and unique in blue eyes, fluffy, and soft coats.
  • Aussiedoodles are very loving and loyal.
  • Blue merle Aussie doodle haircuts include puppy cut, terrier, poodle cut, and many more.


Disadvantages of having Aussiedoodle

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  • They require a lot of attention and love
  • They need a bit of grooming.
  • Aussiedoodles are very expensive. You need a lot of money to buy.


Final words

Aussiedoodle dogs especially, blue Merle, have an attractive outlook and a friendly nature that offers you an attractive and suitable option as a pet. They are lovely creatures that can bring another level of happiness and joy to your life. The variable color of the eye is very much attractive. They are also easy to handle and take care of.

Suppose you are willing to buy a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle. In that case, dozens of pictures are available that show the beauty of this creature. But we should recommend that you have proper knowledge about this unique species before you buy them because they are susceptible.

We have tried to give every sort of information and knowledge necessary to take care and understand Blue Merle Aussiedoodle. In the end, we will say that buying a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is a worthy decision.