Do Aussiedoodles Shed? | 5 Reasons & Pre-Cautions for Shedding

Do Aussiedoodles Shed? So You want to adopt an Aussiedoodle, Do they shed? How much do they shed? Are they hypoallergenic?OR what are the reasons behind it?

Most of the Aussiedoodle lovers got entangled in some queries. Let’s try to solve them.

Do Aussiedoodles Shed? Introduction

Shedding is a natural process and happens just like in humans, seasonally or as a result of many health conditions. Aussiedoodles are a very popular cross-breed obtained by crossing Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Crossbreeding is meant to get the best of these two purebreds. This breed is quite famous for intelligence, smartness, and low to nonshedding coats.

 do straight hair aussiedoodles shed

Yes, We can’t expect non-shedding from every single puppy in the litter. Many of them do shed but shedding in this breed is much lower than in all other breeds. And perhaps it makes it suitable for allergic people.

Coats & Their Types

There are three types of coats in Aussiedoodles.

Shedding varies depending upon the texture of their coats. Coats are single or double-layered.

Straight Hairs are directly inherited from the Australian Shepherd side and they are usually double-layered. The inner coat tends to shed more.
Curly Hairs are inherited from the poodle side and have a single coat. Low shedding occurs in this type of hair. But they need brushing to prevent matting.
Wavy Hairs are the result of combined phenotype from both parents. They are often single or double-layered. Their maintenance is easier than curly hairs. They don’t shed much due to poodle genes.
are aussiedoodles hypoallergenic

Basic Reasons For Shedding

Genetic Makeup

Genetics is the main reason for different types of coats. Shedding is connected to genes, if a puppy has more Poodle genes, it indicates low shedding but if it has more percentage of Australian Shepherd genes then it’ll maximize chances of shedding.

F1 bb Generation is between F1b and poodle.F1b has already 75 percent, now poodle will increase it to 88% which means extremely low shedding.
F1 b Generation is a cross between F1 and poodle. It increases the poodle percentage from 50% to 75%. They have the least shedding than F1.
F2 Generation has both F1 parents. There 50,50 chance of both Australian Shepherd and poodle, Curly hairs will shed least.
F1 Generation has an equal contribution of both parents. So if puppies have straight hairs then they will shed more.
do mini aussiedoodles shed

Puppyish Coat Transition

From their 6th month and onward Aussiedoodles start blowing their puppy coat and transform into an adult coat. Adult coat is thicker and hard hairs will last throughout their life. This transition occurs in all dog breeds but in Aussiedoodles it’s very fast and we don’t see hairs around them.

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Seasonal Shedding

The third and most common reason is the yearly seasonal sheddings. When weather changes naturally hair falls but this shedding is far less than Australian Shepherd parent.

Seasonal Shedding

Health Problems

Many parasites including Ticks, Mites, and Fleas cause health-related issues like Skin Allergies which results in shedding. This can be cured through proper grooming.

Pre-Cautions for Shedding

Poor Nutrition

Any kind of change in diet triggers shedding in Aussiedoodles. It can lead to baldness in various body parts. Many food items cause allergies and you should immediately consult your vet.

when do aussiedoodles shed their puppy coat

Precautions: Tips to Combat Aussiedoodle Shedding

First of all check the diet of your pet, if found any allergy-causing agents then replace them straight away. Daily bathing and brushing will reduce the risk of matting and help to remove dirt from hairs.

Use proper Brushes and Shampoos to avoid shedding.

Often a change in routine or stress causes shedding so give them proper love and care as they deserve it most.

Certainly! Here’s an information table about shedding in different types of Aussiedoodles:

Do Aussiedoodles shed?Shedding Information
Do Aussiedoodles shedYes, Aussiedoodles may shed.
Do Aussiedoodles shed hairYes, Aussiedoodles shed hair.
How bad do Aussiedoodles shedThe shedding of Aussiedoodles can vary from minimal to moderate.
Do Mini Aussiedoodles shedMini Aussiedoodles may shed, but the shedding is typically less.
Do straight hair Aussiedoodles shedYes, straight hair Aussiedoodles can shed.
Do F1B Aussiedoodles shedF1B Aussiedoodles may shed, but the shedding is usually reduced.
Do F1 Mini Aussiedoodles shedF1 Mini Aussiedoodles may shed, but the shedding is generally less.
Do Golden Aussiedoodles shedGolden Aussiedoodles may shed, but it can vary from dog to dog.
Do Miniature Aussiedoodles shedMiniature Aussiedoodles may shed, but the shedding is typically minimal.
Aussiedoodles, do they shedYes, Aussiedoodles do shed.
Do F1 Aussiedoodles shedF1 Aussiedoodles may shed, but the shedding can vary.
Does Aussiedoodles shedYes, Aussiedoodles shed.
Do first-generation Aussiedoodles shedFirst-generation Aussiedoodles may shed, but the shedding can vary.

Please note that shedding can vary among single dogs dogs, even within the same dog breed or type of Aussiedoodle. Some Aussiedoodles may shed more, while others may shed less. Additionally, factors such as coat type, genetics, and grooming practices can also influence the amount of shedding in an single dog.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks to poodle genes, Low shedding is all due to it. All sorts of dogs do shed, But in the end, it’s the health of your pet that matters so keep its coat clean and it will give you more valuable time with your pet partner.