Doodle Breeds

Check out the complete details for doodle breeds. Doodle Breeds What are these breeds? Who would want them? Why is everyone breeding them? These are all questions that come up with the introduction of this new trend in dog breeding. People who wish to know more about this “breed” should read on! This article will explore what they’re like, where they came from, and the controversies surrounding them. First off, there is nothing wrong with wanting a certain breed or type of dog. One might prefer a little dog over a big dog, an active dog over a lazy one, and so on and so forth for all different preferences related to dogs. However, many people who start looking for specific breeds -or even “breeds” like the Aussie doodle- are not always aware of what they are getting themselves into. The Aussie doodle is one such “breed”. It is not really a breed at all, but rather a mix between an Australian shepherd and a standard poodle. The Australian shepherd is bred for herding livestock, while the standard poodle is bred for… well, being a poodle. As you can imagine, these two very different dogs do not always make the best of pets when combined. They can be high energy, difficult to train, and prone to developing various health problems.

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