Best F1 Aussiedoodle Full Grown Size, Lifespan & Breed

What does f1 aussiedoodle mean

F1 Aussiedoodle is a crossbreed of the Poodle and Australian Shepherd. The F1 designation stands for first-generation, meaning In the name F1B Aussiedoodle the F means Filial Hybrid. they are bred from two purebred parents of the same breed.

In this case, both breeds have been mixed to create a dog that has some similarities to both breeds but also comes with benefits from each one as well as their own personality traits. The F1 Aussiedoodle is a loyal and intelligent companion animal who will be by your side through thick and thin. They’re great with kids and other animals too! You won’t regret getting an F1 Aussiedoodle for yourself or as a gift!

AussieDoodle Generations

F1 aussiedoodle generations

  • F1 Aussiedoodle

The F1 Aussiedoodle is the first generation of dogs that are a mix between pure Poodles and pure Australian Shepherd Dogs. They’re bred from two purebred parents of the same breed. In this case, both breeds have been mixed to create a dog that has some similarities to both breeds but also comes with benefits from each breed. They’re also known as Aussiedoodles or by their nickname, “Aussie-Poos.”

  • F1B Aussiedoodle (aka multigen)

The F1B Aussiedoodle is the first generation of dogs that are a mix between pure Poodles and pure Australian Shepherd Dogs. They’re bred from two purebred parents of the same breed – but with one parent being half-Poodle and half-Australian Shepherd Dog – making them three-quarters Aussie and quarter Poodle, and they’re referred to as “multigene”. There is no such thing as a 3/4 Aussie and 1/4 Poodle (F1A), but there is such a thing as an F1B Aussiedoodle.

  • F2 Aussiedoodle

The F2 Aussiedoodle is the second generation of dogs that are a mix between two first-generation (F1) Aussiedoodles. Generally, both parents of this dog would also be an F1 – but it’s possible for them to have one Poodle and one Australian Shepherd parent. These dogs are four-sixteenth Poodle and ten-sixteenths Australian Shepherd.

  • F3 Aussiedoodle

The F3 Aussiedoodle is the third generation of dogs that are a mix between two second-generation (F2) Aussiedoodles. These puppies would have an F1 Poodle parent and an F1 Australian Shepherd parent. These dogs are one-quarter Poodle and three-quarters Australian Shepherd.

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F1 Aussiedoodle Appearance

There are some that wonder if Aussiedoodles might shed more than their Poodle parent, but it’s assumed that they’ll have the same amount of shedding as both parents. The F1 Aussiedoodle is bred from two first-generation dogs (F1), meaning one has to be a purebred Poodle and one has to be a purebred Australian Shepherd. The F1 Aussiedoodle is an intelligent, active dog with a coat that is non-shedding and allergy-friendly, making them very family-friendly.

Australian Shepherd is a mid-sized dog, weighing in at around 35 pounds when fully grown. They have upright ears that give them their herding origins. Aussiedoodles frequently carry the “merle” pattern gene, giving them a random splattering of blue and red hair all over their coats.

This coat trait is not allowed in the AKC standard for the Aussie, but it’s common in Australian Shepherds bred with Poodles. This will give your Aussiedoodle unique markings such as blue and tan, tri-color (black/tan/white or red/white), sable, or extreme white.

Toy AussiedoodleMedium AussiedoodleStandard Aussiedoodle
Weight10-15 pounds15-45 pounds45-70 pounds
Height10 or fewer inches tall at the shoulder10-15 inches tall at the shoulder15+ inches tall at the shoulder
When Full-Grown?7.5-11 Months11-13 Months12.5-16 Months

Aussies come in a spectrum of colors that includes red merle, black tri, and solid red. Tri-colored dogs are more sought after than the solid color variety because of the attractive speckled effect that is produced as a result of the merle gene. Aussiedoodles look like balls of fluff when they’re born, but as they grow and their coats tighten (from an Aussie parent), they can shed out to resemble Poodles.

So what does this mean for you, the pet owner? Well, you get a pretty good-looking dog that doesn’t shed too much and keeps itself clean. There is also less of a chance that they will have allergies. Merles are often called “ghost merles” because their color is only seen on the puppy until it gets older. This gives them what looks like a ‘ghostly’ appearance. The merle gene causes random patching of the base color throughout the coat, so they can be all one color or have patches of different colors in their coats.

F1 Aussiedoodle Personality And Temperament

This is a very popular hybrid dog, and when compared to the Labradoodle it has been found that they seem to be more affectionate. They also have a lot of energy but are calmer than many other breeds. They do well in homes with children and can become quite protective if needed. This mixed breed will need early socialization in order to be good around other animals and children. They are friendly dogs that will be wonderful for families if they get the proper training and affection from a young age.

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They are a medium to a large-sized dog with a weight of 30-100 pounds and is between 15 to 20 inches tall. They have a longer body that has been compared to that of a labrador retriever, but they also have all of the features mentioned above as well as floppy ears. They are medium-sized dogs that may have some slight variations in appearance depending on what breeds are used to create them.

This mixed breed will require early socialization so it does well with other animals, children, and strangers. Their coat is soft and should be brushed regularly to prevent matting. They are an average shedding dog breed, so brushing every day is a good way to combat this issue.

They have energy and love to run around outside! They will need a lot of space for play and exercise in the form of a yard or some land to romp on. Fenced-in areas without any holes that the dog can escape from are a must.

F1 Aussiedoodle Health And Life Expectancy

When it comes to the F1 Aussiedoodle health, there are not a lot of issues that have been directly linked. This may be due to the fact they were bred from two different purebred dogs with no known genetic disorders. When any hybrid breeds are made it is common for a few issues to show up but this has not happened with the F1 Aussiedoodle.

Their life expectancy is around 12-15 years of age. With more research done on this breed, it may be possible to extend their lifespan but that will take time and lots of study on different factors that can help with their longevity. There are health tests that can be done at certain ages to pick up any health issues that are in the Aussiedoodle gene.

These can help breeders pick out healthy pups that will have a longer life expectancy. The average weight for an F1 Aussiedoodle is between 70-120lb depending on if they have any other extra mixes mixed in with them. The smaller sizes tend to be in the first generation of Aussiedoodles.

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F1 Aussiedoodle adoption lifespan

The average lifespan for this breed is around 12-15 years of age (Elderly = 15+ years).

Aussiedoodle’s can be working dogs like their mother the Australian Shepherd, or they can be a house pet and require less exercise than some other breeds. They are built to have a happy medium weight, working dogs are usually around 85 pounds with the females being smaller than the males.

The Aussiedoodle is an intelligent breed due to their parent breeds having high intelligence and good problem-solving skills, they like to use all of their senses and need stimulation to keep them satisfied and healthy. They can easily be trained to do many things, they are a people, kid, and dog-friendly breed. They have more energy than some other breeds so they need to be exercised regularly.

Where to Get F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies

There are many places to get puppies, it is recommended to do research on a breeder before buying a puppy from them. There might also be rescue Aussiedoodles out there so researching local rescues would be a good idea as well. The Aussiedoodle was created by crossing the Australian sheepdog with a poodle so finding a breeder with dogs of those breeds would be the best way to acquire a puppy.

Obedience and Training An Aussiedoodle will sit when it wants attention or food, other than that they might not know any other basic commands. This breed needs the motivation to learn new things so treats and toys work well as rewards during training sessions.

Aussiedoodles are known to be intelligent dogs but might act aloof around new people. It is recommended that the puppy is socialized with other dogs and people as soon as possible to help prevent behavior problems like this from developing later on. This breed does well with children because of its gentle nature.


F1 Aussiedoodle is a popular hybrid dog breed that combines the characteristics of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. These medium-sized dogs can have a range of physical appearances and personalities, depending on their individual traits and genetics. Generally, they are known for their intelligence, affectionate nature, and hypoallergenic coat, making them a great choice for people with allergies.

As with any dog breed, it is important to research and understand the specific needs and temperament of the F1 Aussiedoodle before bringing one into your home. With proper care and attention, a full-grown F1 Aussiedoodle can make a wonderful companion and addition to any family.

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