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If you know some basics about cross-breeding and F1b Aussiedoodle, then it will be quite easy for you to understand F1b Aussiedoodles. These Aussie doodles are crossbreed and then again back cross breaded with one of the parents. So, these Aussiedoodles have increased traits from one of the parents and in most cases, it is an Australian Shepherd.  

Since F1B Aussiedoodles have very much attractive properties, that makes them a suitable option for most family pet lovers. Most of the family avoid having a puppy because they are hypo allergic and they’re shedding intensity. However, these issues are known resolves in the case of F1B Aussiedoodles because they are not hypoallergic with a low shedding tendency, thanks to quality breeders. 

 f1b aussiedoodle size

Along with these, many other things are present for F1B Aussiedoodles full grown. We can’t cover all of those things here in this section. In this article, we will try to deliver all of the necessary information regarding F1B Aussiedoodles. So, plenty of things are waiting for you down here.

F1b Aussie doodle – Characteristics

Best F1b Aussiedoodle for sale

Here we provide you the table that shows the properties of the Aussiedoodles.

F1b Aussiedoodle Characteristics 
Non-shedding Mostly, almost in all cases, they consist of the non-shedding coat. 
Coat type They have a curly or wavy coat similar to a poodle. 
Hybrid vigor Yes, but does not much as in F1 Aussie doodle. 
Hypoallergenic Mostly, almost in all cases, these dogs are hypoallergenic. 

What is the meaning of “F” in F1b Aussiedoodle?

F stands for Filial Hybrid in the name F1b aussiedoodle. It is sometimes difficult to pronounce this word. But this only is used to show that this dog is a hybrid. As we know that all the Aussie doodles are mixed dogs.  

Aussiedoodle is formed by combining the poodle with the Australian shepherd.  Due to the reason that they are hybrid, the name of all types of the Aussiedoodle begins with the letter F which means Filial Hybrid.  In other words, you can also say that these dogs are not purebred.  

f1b aussiedoodle temperament

What is the meaning of the number in F1b Aussiedoodle? 

You have seen in many different types of Aussiedoodle names that they consist of some number. Now here we study what this number means. If we talk about F1b Aussie doodle then the in this name represents the generation of the dog from which it belongs.  

However, the number in the name of Aussiedoodle represents that it is the offspring of both a poodle and an Australian shepherd.  

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What is the meaning of” B “in F1b Aussie doodle? 

B stands for Backcross in the name F1b Aussiedoodle. However, it is a complicated term that is sometimes difficult to understand. But here we explain it to you in simple words. 

The word B shows that your Aussiedoodle is bred from either 100% poodle or 100% Australian shepherd. The F1b Aussiedoodles do not shed their fur and also, and they are allergy-friendly. Due to these reasons, it is seen that this type of Aussiedoodles is mostly backcrossing to a 100% poodle.  

f1 vs f1b aussiedoodle

F1b Aussiedoodle 

F1b Aussie doodles are the result of a cross breed between an F1 Aussiedoodle and some purebred line that can be 100% Australian shepherd and 100% poodle. So, in general F1B Aussiedoodles are 25% Australian Shepherds and 75% poodles. In most cases, the breeder backcrosses with the poodle, which is due to the reason that the poodles are less hypoallergic and also, shed less.   

F1B is also preferred over the other types of Aussiedoodles, which is mainly due to its awesome characteristics. Mainly it is preferred because it is less hypoallergic and shedding is also quite low. Most of the time, if you are buying an Aussiedoodle from a breeder that claims that their Aussiedoodles shed less, then they have an F1B type of Aussie doodles.  

Feature and Nature

If you have an F1B Aussiedoodles in your house, then you may notice some distinct changes in your Aussiedoodles than other dogs. With some traits from the poodle, F1B Aussiedoodles’ blue eyes have a curly and wavy coat that looks very much awesome. That have also some other advantages that these F1B Aussiedoodles do not shed much.  

So, that means that the F1B aussiedoodles are perfectly hypoallergic and they have a low shedding tendency. However, this thing also has some disadvantages that the pet owner should have to regularly use clippers to groom F1B aussiedoodles or they can also bring their F1B aussiedoodles to pet groomers. 

reverse f1b aussiedoodle

Considering the temperament of the F1B aussiedoodles, the temperament of the F1B aussiedoodles is inherited from the temperament of the poodle. It is also quite probable that the structure of the F1B aussiedoodles is quite taller. They also have high energy, which means you should exercise them regularly otherwise they may get bored. 

At last, due to the hybrid nature of the F1B Aussie doodles, they also get the benefit of health. Hence this generation of Aussiedoodle known as F1B Aussie doodles is much healthier than its parents.  

F1b Aussiedoodle


F1b Aussie doodles are expensive dogs. However, the average price range of F1b Aussie doodles is approximately $2400 and more. They have higher prices as compared to other types of Aussie doodles. The price of these doodles is not fixed.  There are many factors based on which processes vary.

Miniature Aussie dogs have been around for decades, though their popularity has recently risen due to more attention. Miniature Australian Shepherds are often smaller than their full-sized brethren, though they often present considerable physical appeal.

f1b aussiedoodle breeder

The price of the F1b Aussiedoodle depends on the following factors 

  • Location 
  • Size 
  • Color 
  • Breeder reputation 
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There are various types of Aussiedoodle coats. Aussiedoodles may have wavy, curly, or straight coats. These types of coats are depending on the parent and generation of the Aussie doodle. F1b Aussie doodles have mostly curly and wavy coats.  

Most of the aussiedoodles do not require more shedding. In came of straight hair more shedding is necessary. It is recommended that higher generation Aussie doodles and F1b aussiedoodles are suitable for those that have slight pet allergies.  

For proper grooming, it is necessary to brush the hairs of your doodle. You should also trim their hair. The coat of the F1b aussiedoodles is not the same as a double-coated dog. Professional grooming and daily brushing are necessary for after 6 to 8 weeks.

f1b aussiedoodle temperament


These types of aussiedoodles are 100% poodle and 100% Australian shepherd crossbreeds. They have the almost same size as F1b aussiedoodles.  The size of thee depends on the characteristics of the parents. If F1 aussiedoodle has a standard size, their weight is about 40 to 70 pounds, and height is 15-inches. 

It is a special type of dog. In fact, these dogs are backcross breeds. Moreover, F1b comes in many size ranges. Like, they can be standard, medium, and miniature size F1b aussiedoodles. They get the standard size if they are standard size F1b aussiedoodle. F1b weights about 40 to 70 pounds, and height are approximately 15-inches. 

F1 Aussiedoodle vs F1b Aussiedoodle | Comparison

If you are confused about which one, I get either F1b Aussie doodle or F1b aussiedoodle then read these following points. These points will help you in solving your problem.  

  • The more significant difference between F1 and F1b aussiedoodle is genetic. There is a lot of genetic difference between these two. 
  • Now if we talk about the genetic makeup of F1 Aussie doodle so we come to know that they form by mixing poodle and Australian shepherd. It is a mixture of 50% of both parents. 
  • While if we talk about F1-B aussiedoodle genetic makeup then it is different from F1 Aussie doodles. They are formed by breeding pedigree poodle with F1 aussiedoodle. their genetics comes from 75% poodle and 25% F1 aussiedoodle.  
  • Now the question is which one is best or suitable? Here we provide you with the answer. 
  • Most of the prospective owners and breeders would like F1 Aussiedoodle. it is considered as best because this type of aussiedoodle consists of equal genetics from both parents. They are also popular. After all, they look very attractive because they consist of attractive traits from both.  
  • There are many other reasons in which you see that F1b Aussie doodle is more suitable than F1 aussiedoodle. We have studied that F1b aussiedoodle puppies have more genes than poodle. This means that they are non-shedding as compared to the F1 Aussie doodle. F1 Aussiedoodles are low shedding. However, the coats of F1b aussiedoodles are typically curly.
f1b aussiedoodle for sale

Good Habits

F1b aussiedoodle is the best family dog. They are love, safe, and intelligent. The majority of these dogs are family pets, making them very accessible to households with children. These dogs have small dogs’ body size, making them more suitable for families with children present. 

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F1b aussiedoodle – one of the most popular dog breeds in the world!  However, F1b aussiedoodle is affectionate, tractable, and very trainable. In fact, these traits make them an ideal choice for people with physical challenges or disabilities.  

Walking on three legs can manage stairs very well – sometimes better than walkers with more traditional disabilities. However, some people find that Aussidedoodle’s agility and intelligence make them less desirable as house dogs due to their tendency to roam away from their owners. 

First, they are light and active.  Second, they enjoy walking on a loose lead. Also, they like to play fetch and go for long walks, and both activities help create a high level of energy.  However, they tend to more interest in one than the other depending on how much time they have available for each activity. 

f1b aussiedoodle puppies

Which Aussiedoodle Generation is best among F1b and F2b?

Here we provide you with information that helps you to understand which generation is suitable either F1b or F2b. 

  • All the generations of Aussie doodle are very attractive and looking. These are more popular among the people and they like to take Aussiedoodle as a pet. So due to this reason, it is very difficult to determine which is suitable.  
  • The same thing between both of these generations is that they are cross-bred with poodles which means that they consist of more genes from poodle parents. The advantage of this factor is that these types of Aussiedoodles are best for those people that are concerned about shedding and allergies.  
  • However, the greater difference between the F2b Aussie and F1b Aussiedoodle for sale is the breeder. They have different breeders and you can differentiate them based on this factor. 
  • The reputable breeder is the one whose focus is on the desired traits. He breeds the Aussiedoodles in such a way that it gets maximum of the desired and attractive traits. Moreover, he will do regular genetic testing to get desired traits. As a result, he can reduce the genetic issues in the doodle. 
  • It is recommended to thoroughly examine the prices, reviews, and breeders in addition to the generation. The main advantage of F1b Aussiedoodle is that they have high genetic diversity.
what is the difference between f1 and f1b aussiedoodles

Final Words 

F1B Aussiedoodles are in a lot of demand nowadays due to their enhanced appearance and characteristics. However, we are aware of the inexperienced breeders in the market, especially when you are buying an Aussiedoodle at low age. Whatsoever, if you are looking for a puppy for your family or your children, then F1B Aussiedoodles are one of the best options that you have got.

Most F1B Aussiedoodles will be sweet and loving towards strangers, but they can also be very loyal to their owners. You can get Aussiedoodle puppies of sale this loyal puppy and place it at home fearfully. F1B Aussiedoodles dogs get much love from their owners, and many people find them to be calm and gentle with people as well as other animals. Miniature Aussie dogs are adorable, and every dog owner dreams of owning one. However, owning a dog can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

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