How Big Does an Aussiedoodle Get? | Complete Size Chart

How Big Does an Aussiedoodle get? As we know the Aussiedoodle is a hybrid dog that is a mixture of poodle and Australian Shepherd. As a result of this crossbreed, we get the resultant puppy that has a mixture of traits that looks similar to both of the parents. However, as a result of this, we get Aussiedoodle which is a loveable and beautiful creature. 

Whatsoever, every Aussiedoodle has the question that how big does an Aussiedoodle get? To answer that question is not much easy. In the case of Aussiedoodle, there is a huge variety available that makes it very much tough to answer how big an Aussiedoodle can get.

Well, we might have a suitable answer for the question that how big an Aussiedoodle can get. There are a few factors that impact the growth, height, and weight of the Aussiedoodle. Keeping in view these parameters, we can talk about how big an Aussiedoodle can get.  

In this article, we will try to cover everything that you need to know to tell how big an Aussiedoodle can get. Hence to answer this, read this article carefully; you will know many things about your Aussiedoodle.

how big is a full grown aussiedoodle

Different Sizes of the Aussiedoodles

Here we provide you with a chart that gives information about the weight and height of different types of Aussiedoodle. Does this chart help to solve the confusion of many people that is how big an Aussie doodle get? This cart is as follows.

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Type of Aussie doodle Weight Height 
Mini Aussieoodle 15 to 35.5 pounds 11 to 18 inches 
Toy aussiedoodle 6.5 to 12 pounds 10 to 13 inches 
Medium Aussiedoodle 16 to 45 pounds 11 to 15 inches 
Black Aussie doodle 41 to 70 pounds 14 to 15 inches 
Moyen Aussie doodle 31 to 35 pounds 16 to 20 inches 
F1 Aussiedoodle 42 to 70 pounds 15 to 16 inches 
F1b Aussiedoodle 42 70 pounds 15 to 16 inches 


How Big Does an Aussiedoodle get? 

  • Toy Aussiedoodle- how big it can get 

Let’s start with the smallest type of Aussiedoodle that is available. To start first we should have a brief look at general information regarding toy Aussiedoodle. To get the size of the toy Aussiedoodle, the crossbreed is carried out between the toy poodle and mini Aussiedoodle or mini-Australian shepherd. 

In case you are adopting a dog that has a smaller size, then you must be careful with the quality of the breed. In unlucky times, the breeders do some forced things to get the required size of the puppy, which results in the bad health of Aussiedoodle. Some of the medical issues may last throughout the life of the Aussiedoodle. 

Considering the weight of the toy Aussiedoodle, since toy Aussiedoodles have smaller sizes that are why their weight is also less which is around 10 pounds. However, this weight is not fixed; it may vary from specific species to species.   

As represents the name of this type, toy aussiedoodles have the smallest size in the category of aussiedoodles. According to various puppy experts and breeders, a toy Aussiedoodle has an average size of about 10 to 12 inches. Whatsoever, to some extent, the size of the Aussiedoodle may vary up to a few inches.  

  • Mini Aussiedoodle- how big it can get
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Mini Aussiedoodle is slightly larger in both size and weight than the toy Aussiedoodle. As we have started from the smallest one, mini Aussiedoodle is the next one in the same line. These Aussie doodles are in between the slandered Aussie doodles and toy aussiedoodles concerning size and weight.

These aussiedoodles are sometimes also known as medium Aussie doodles or intermediate ones. They are the result of a crossbreed between the mini-Australian shepherd and the mini poodle. When we observe the weight and height of the first parent, the mini poodle, it possesses 12 to 20 pounds of weight and a 15-inch height. However, the second parent of the mini Aussiedoodle which the Australian Shepherded is a bit larger is 20 to 40 pounds in weight and 14 to 18 inches in height.   

When we discuss the size of the mini Aussiedoodle that is quite similar to the standard one. When the mini Aussiedoodle is completely grown, then the weight of the Aussiedoodle is 20 to 45 pounds and the height is 12 to 17 inches. 

  • Standard Aussiedoodle- How big it can get?

At last, we have that type of Aussiedoodles which have the biggest size and weight. These dogs are prepared by making the cross between the standard size of the Australian Shepherd and the standard size of the poodle.  

Both of the parents of the standard Aussie doodles are bigger than the standard size of the dog. Hence their product has a higher weight and size. The standard poodle is about 18 to 24 inches in length and the weight is almost 45 to 70 pounds.

how big does a standard aussiedoodle get

Hence a result of this crossbreed of these huge dogs, we get an Aussiedoodle that have larger in both size and weight. So, unlike the above two, these aussiedoodles have a size of about 17 to 22 inches in length and 45 to 70 pounds in weight. Both of these parameters show how big these Aussiedoodles are.

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Growth and Nutrition of the Aussiedoodle:

It is estimated that aussiedoodle developed completely approximately after eight months. But mostly the growth of the aussiedoodle depends on the type of the aussiedoodle. Like standard aussiedoodle takes more time than eight months. They grow completely in twelve months.   

If you want your aussiedoodle develops properly, so healthy diet is necessary. Give your doodle a healthy diet of approximately 12 months to grow it completely. However, give them good nutrition so that they attain their maximum growth.  

Keep balance the Nutrition balance:

It is essential to mention that sometimes aussiedoodle sheds or gains weight after it has been developed fully. So, if you want that your aussiedoodle grows a healthy life and not get health problems like obesity so exercise regularly. Take them outside your home for exercise.  

You should properly care for your dog. If you do this your aussiedoodle grows healthy. To protect them from health problems, play with them and organize activities for them. Also, you should take your aussiedoodles for a walk.  

Nutritious food consists of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the growth of the doodle. The growth of your dog is affected by the nutrition given to them.  For the betterment of your health, it is necessary to provide supplements to your dogs. There are some cases when your dog requires extra nutrition for its weight and height.  

Good nutrition is important for dogs. Give them a balanced diet that consists of a reasonable number of proteins and minerals. This balanced meal is good for optimum growth. These extra nutrients are required when the dog is malnourished and underweight. 

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Growth and nutrition of the aussiedoodle - food

How much food is Suitable for Aussiedoodles? 

The most important factor in determining the food that is suitable for aussiedoodles is the type of aussiedoodles. Based on the category amount of the food is decided for dogs. Less food is given to the smaller dogs in comparison to those aussiedoodles that are larger.  

When the puppy starts growing amount of the nutrition also starts increasing. Younger dogs require a small amount of food as compared to larger ones. However, when your aussiedoodle starts growing it requires a large amount of food.  

It is a difficult task for the owner of the aussiedoodle to select an amount of food for their dog. The best solution for this problem is to consult with a veterinarian. He gives a proper diet chart and plan that is best for your aussiedoodle age.  

Not all dogs have the same weight. Different doodles have different weights and heights.  When you consult with the veterinarian, he provides you with the exact weight of your dog. By knowing this, you can easily able to judge that either your aussiedoodle is healthy, obese, or underweight.  

It is estimated that an aussiedoodle puppy that is about 2 to 4 months requires almost four meals per day. When they grow older meals start decreeing. Like at 4 to 6 months, Aussie doodle needs only 3 meals in a day. So, doodle requires only 2 meals per day, at an age of about 6 to 8 months. 

Diet choices for Aussiedoodles:

It is difficult for the owner to select the best food for their puppy.  Sometimes you hear that brand is the best one for the dogs. But some said that it is not the right choice for your doodle. It is claimed by the researchers that food that consists of a high level of copper is very dangerous for the health of dogs.  

Despite all these disagreements, there are many different types of food available in the market. If you want healthy doodles then it is recommended to give them a properly balanced diet. Based on nutrition value, there are various types of food brands in the market. The difference between these brands is that some are protein while others consist of a high amount of different minerals.  

If you want that your dog, to take all types of the mineral then change its food. You change their food after sometimes and he gets different minerals from different types of food. This is the best way that helps in giving all nutrients to the aussiedoodle.  

Diseases that affect the size and growth of Aussie doodles:

Aussiedoodles get many health problems like other types of diseases. Some diseases are inherited if they are related to poodles and Australian shepherds. These disorders are following 

  • Epilepsy 

Aussiedoodles mostly suffer from epilepsy when they are about six months old. This disease results in the loss of consciousness and convulsions. Moreover, epilepsy also affects the physical growth and activity cycle of the dog.  

Aussiedoodle easily lives without medication every day if this disease does not occur regularly.  

  • Crushing disease 

The crushing disease occurs mostly in those doodles that are middle-aged. During this disease, they produce a large amount of stress hormone that is cortisol. This hormone leads to hair loss, increases appetite, and weight gain. Furthermore, it also results in a balder and shorter Aussiedoodle.  

  • Pancreatitis 

This disease disturbs the pancreas and results in abdominal pain and vomiting. Pancreatitis is mostly occurring in those dogs that are large. Usually, this disease is triggered by taking fatty foods. Many other medications also trigger pancreatitis. Due to a smaller amount of physical activity, this disease leads to stocker ad shorter aussiedoodle. 

  • Hip dysplasia 
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This is an inherited disorder. The disadvantage of hip dysplasia is that it leads to the lameness of the hind limb.  These types of dogs are not suitable for breeding. If dogs having hip dysplasia are used for breeding, then they produce a puppy that is small than normal size and also develops the same disease. 

When do we know when our Aussiedoodle is Completely Grown? 

Yes, everyone gets curious about the age and the growth of their pet, however, there are specific times when your Aussiedoodle comes of the required size and weight. Does everyone want to know how big an aussiedoodle get? They hit the best level of maturity at a different age, which is dependent on the type and breed of the Aussiedoodle.  

As depends on the size and type of the breed, the larger the size of the Aussiedoodle, the longer the time it takes to become the age of maturity. Hence the standard Aussiedoodle takes more time to become of mature age. That’s why sometimes the breeder has to wait to see how big the Aussiedoodle can get.  

In the case of dogs, there is an indicator that tells the owner that their pet is now fully grown. That indicator is the bulkiness around the bones and structure of the dog. These days the aussiedoodles get the weight around the muscles so they become of age.  

There is also another factor that affects the growth and age parameter of the Aussiedoodle. That factor is the diet and exercise of the Aussiedoodle. The type of breed is also the crucial thing that does affect the height, weight, and age of the Aussiedoodle. Depending on the type of breed, Aussiedoodle may differ by some weeks to months. 

how big will my aussiedoodle get

What is the Look of a fully Grown Aussiedoodle? 

How big does an Aussie doodle get? When the Aussiedoodle is completely grown, then it has the outlook just like a fluffy animal, just like an animal that is stuffed. Due to the poodle parent in the crossbreed, the coat of the Aussiedoodle is too wavy to very wavy and dependent on the types of parents. And beneath that wavy coat, there is a body that is filled with muscles and bulky structure. 

When we glance at the Australian Shepherd, it has plenty of colors when it is compared with the poodle. So as the result we may see plenty of color variations in the crossbreed of Australian shepherd and poodle.  

To get the Toy Aussiedoodle, Mini aussiedoodle, or mini-Australian shepherd is bred with a toy poodle. You should care that you were selecting a reputable and quality breeder for smaller sizes of dogs. Some unethical breeders compensate for the health of the dog as compared to the ting size.  

 Regarding the color of the Aussiedoodle, there is a vast variety and mixture of available colors. Like other traits of the Aussiedoodle, that thing is also dependent on the parents and type of breed. Due to the crossbreed, so also often see some mixture of colors in the resultant colors of the Aussiedoodle.  

 Final Words:

How big does an Aussiedoodle get? It is not so a tricky question to answer. However, keeping in mind the nature and type of breed we may tell the weight and height of the Aussiedoodle. Yes, there can be some slight variation in the size and weight of the specific type. So, should be careful about the nature of the breed and type of the parents.

There are three sizes of aussiedoodles. The smallest size is known as toy aussiedoodle. The next size above it is Mini Aussiedoodles, and the next in line is the standard aussiedoodles. Furthermore, aussiedoodles are a crossbreed. That’s why you should not know precisely about the future size of your puppy.

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