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The Merle AussieDoodle is a new type of dog being created by merle Aussiedoodle breeders. These dogs have the thick coat of an Aussie and the coloration of a poodle. It is a mix between a purebred Aussie and a purebred poodle, where breeding them together results in a designer dog. 

The color of your Aussiedoodle does not really influence the dog’s disposition or temperament. Their looks are always unique. However, their personalities are always consistent. In this article, we have just highlighted a few of the most popular color combinations. Please visit our dog breed color chart page to see a complete list of all the Aussiedoodle colors available and their meanings.

Coat ColorGray, Black, White, Tan, Blue Merle
Coat TextureStraight, wavy, or curly
SizeVaried based on parent sizes and generation
TemperamentIntelligent, loyal, affectionate
TrainabilityHighly trainable, eager to please
Exercise NeedsModerate to high
Energy LevelEnergetic and active
Social BehaviorFriendly with humans and animals
Family CompatibilityWell-suited for families and other pets
AllergenicGenerally hypoallergenic
Grooming NeedsRegular brushing for coat maintenance
IntelligenceHigh & quick learners
Communication SkillsResponsive to cues and commands
Protective NatureCan be protective of family and home
Health IssuesPotential for genetic health conditions
Life ExpectancyAverage lifespan of 10 to 15 years
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About Merle Aussie Doodle 

Merle is a mixture gene, which means it lightens whatever color the coat would’ve been otherwise. The lightning bolt is not evenly distributed throughout the coat, leaving patches of pure color scattered across the dog’s body. Furthermore, the lightning appears to work mainly on the coat’s black pigment. 

merle mini aussiedoodle puppies

It’s worth noting that the term “black” in this context can refer to both liver and chocolate. Merle is a distinctive feature of several breeds. The Merle Aussiedoodle gene is also involved in the production of a clown. Blue or red merle is the most well-known, and even though chocolate merle is also possible. The merle gene is a dilution gene, one of many that exist in dogs. 

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Merle coloring is true to its name, which comes from the French word for “pied” or “merry.” Merle coloring itself is caused by a dilution gene that can affect either solid or white dogs. The dog’s color will be dilute in patches, with the merle markings appearing in the diluted coat. 

Merle Aussiedoodle Puppy Breed Color

The Merle Aussiedoodle is, as the name suggests, a cross between an Aussie and a Doodle. This breed combines the Silky tasseled coat of the poodle with the high-energy, lovable personality of the Australian Shepherd. Adult Aussie doodles will fit in the 42-inch crate. A tiny crate is also ideal for this if you have a small Aussie doodle.  Merle Aussie doodles are active as well as beautiful, and they require a large crate. 

Merle is also found in Shetland Sheepdogs. The above photo shows it on a Sheltie with Irish spotting on the front legs.  Although some Merles may look quite different from one another, they all have the same kind of coloration. Therefore all Merle Aussiedoodles are equally susceptible to color inheritance and can carry merle, black, tan, and cinnamon. And will sometimes produce puppies with double dilutions (like double merle and double blue).

black merle aussiedoodle

Well, the merle seems to be caused by a dilution of the genetic material. That creates the pigments in the dog’s fur. They’re most visible at a microscopic level, in a literal sense that the actual genetics is most visible.  You can’t help distinguish but smile when you look at a blue merle Aussie doodle full grown. 

Merle is the recessive version of the gene; if your dog is B-M-l, they will have a merle gene that is not expressed. Through breeding, it is possible to develop another litter with B-M-l parents that can produce merles.  

Aussiedoodles are a delightfully loving and loyal breed. They enjoy the company of other people and dogs’ company and need plenty of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Aussiedoodles possess the excellent temperament we love in our Australian Shepherds – polite, gentle, and willing to please – but with the added benefit of a hypoallergenic coat! 

Merle Aussiedoodle – filled with Color

Aussiedoodles are available in one of three coat colors. Merle, which is also called reverse, mottled, is the most common. The merle gene affects the distribution of color in the coat, leaving patches of undiluted color scattered over the dog’s body.  

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Furthermore, this creates a unique appearance that has been compared to an impressionist painting. It can be more challenging to see on lighter-colored dogs but is still striking nonetheless. Merle often gives the impression of a lightning effect on all colors and can add richness to otherwise dark dogs such as black and liver roans. The white and grey trends that show up on a black give it a blueish cast. 

Merle Aussiedoodle puppy

These are known as blue merles. Merle can also change the color and pattern from the standard red or black. Brindle Merle and Liver Merle are examples of these combinations. Even though almost all breeds that can have merle coats too have white markings, 

Merle is a perfect combo found in the coats of dogs. It consists of an intense base color (generally red/brown or black) with light purple or red-brown patches. That creates a mottled as well as wonky-speckled overall impact. 

Interesting color Combinations 

These color combinations will show you how many combinations of merle Aussiedoodles there are, as well as their potential color combinations. Mocha, black, brown, ebony, chocolate, fawn, seal, or gray? We may have an Aussiedoodle that becomes the perfectly sized pet for you. Aussiedoodles offer years of smiles and love with their friendly and gentle natures.

red merle aussiedoodle

But here we are talking about merle Aussiedoodle color combinations. Merle, blue merle, red merle, and several tri-color variations are available.  As Aussiedoodles can come in so many color combinations, potential owners need to remember the more common or dominant color of a dog.

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For instance, if a merle Aussiedoodle dog has a heavy concentration of dark markings and his base color is black, we might refer to the dog as a blue-black Aussiedoodle and then describe him as almost all black (No white). 

A Vast Array of Colors and Patterns

Aussiedoodle puppies, especially merle, come in a vast array of colors and patterns. This is because there are so many different breeds that can be used as parents. Plus, Australian Shepherds come in such a variety of colors and patterns where much of the complexity comes from.  

In addition, there are many colored poodles. These puppies coats come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, offering up more options when you’re searching to add a new member to your family. 

You will find that Aussiedoodle puppies show the color combinations of their parentage. The most common color variations are sable merle, blue merle, red merle, and red trim. Sometimes you’ll see even more intense color combinations, with multiple colors on the same dog, like a Blue Sable Merle or Red Tri Blue Merle. 

Merle Aussiedoodle for sale

 How to Deal with Merle Aussie doodle Full-Grown Coat Grooming? 

Merle is a coat pattern in solid-colored dogs. The Merle Aussiedoodle is a medium-sized dog that grows to and weighs between and generally lasts longer than a regular coat. The Merle AussieDoodle’s coat is unique. All of these puppies are rare, hand-selected, and come from quality bloodlines.  

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Each puppy has a beautiful coat with very few dog danders, making them hypoallergenic. Furthermore, it makes them great for families, kids, and people with allergies. The Merle Aussie Doodle is a low-maintenance dog that requires minimal grooming.  

They can attain a wavy/curly coat in the summer months, and in the winter months, their coat will lie down and be fluffier. There are many benefits of this breed. They adapt well to new families and other dogs while still remaining dogs themselves. Their coats commonly come in red merle or blue merle but can come in white merle, sable merle, silver/red blazed, solid black, and a few others.

mini blue merle aussiedoodle

How is Merle Aussiedoodle adorable by nature? 

The Merle Aussiedoodle is an adorable, affectionate, curly-haired companion. This mix is also called a Merleoodle because of the merle patches. This non-shedding dog has a coat that brushes out easily. They are excellent watchdogs and are housebroken quickly. Also, the Merle Aussiedoodle does well with children. 

Merle Aussiedoodles shed or not? 

Aussiedoodle hair is soft as a result of this, but those who do not even shed much. Obviously, it depends on your preferences. They could be groomed in a variety of ways. Their coats can be hairy and fluffy (requiring daily brushing and monthly grooming) or short with soft curls (ideal for summer). 

Merle Aussiedoodle mini & Full grown

 Final Thoughts

So you know those gorgeous colors of an Aussiedoodle come from the Australian Shepherd. And to have those exact colors, you need a merle pedigree dog. Within the merle lines of this breed, you can find a variety of eye colors, nose colors, and occasionally lip colors that will be passed on to your Aussiedoodle. The combinations aren’t endless – yet – but there are enough to keep your mind busy for a while.

The first thing to understand about the merle Aussiedoodle coat colors is that any color should be acceptable as long as it looks like a merle should look. Merle, red merle, blue merle, blonde, tricolor… how cool is that? And with so many Aussiedoodle colors to choose from at Little Puppies Online, you might just be surprised. The Merle Aussiedoodle has an incredible amount of color combinations.

In reviewing our last merle Aussiedoodle puppy post, we realized many of the different color combinations look. So much alike from one to the next that many of these Aussie poodle mixes will have to be named by looks and not by “merle color” names. It’s just going to be too confusing explaining what a copper merle Aussiedoodle looks like. In other words, there are a lot of different Aussiedoodle colors available and colors that have been chosen and named.

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