Mini Aussiedoodle for Sale (Types, Price, Color)

Here is the mini Aussiedoodle for sale with complete information. Aussiedoodle has dominated the pet market for the last decade or so. From the time they have introduced to the market, they have increased customer demands and the love of their owners. Among them, mini Aussiedoodle has a different fan base and market. So, lots of people look for mini Aussiedoodle for sale 

Due to their compatible size and weight, the owner of the mini Aussiedoodle can spend time with the puppy in a better way. Due to this reason, most pet lovers want to have a mini Aussiedoodle dog so they may have a good time with their puppy. That can give an idea about the demand and love mini Aussiedoodle gets from pet lovers.

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Different Mini Aussiedoodles for sale:

Here we provide you with the table that consists of different types of mini Aussiedoodles. Also in this table, we provide the gender and price of the Aussiedoodle. This table helps you a lot in buying a good Aussie doodle for your home.  

This is the list of those puppies that are on sale. 

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Mini aussiedoodle Gender Price (was) Price (now) 
Batex Male $100 $50 
Adam Male $200 $150 
Xena Female $250 $200 
Jackson mini boxer Male $495 $295 
Red heeler Female $500 $450 
Cobie mini boxer Male $550 $295 
Vivian Female $799 $699 


Mini Aussiedoodle for Sale 

As we all know, Aussiedoodle is a cross-breed dog, so they are not much abundant compared to other species of dogs. The same is the case with the mini Aussiedoodle. There is much difficulty in finding a suitable and trusted place to buy a mini Aussiedoodle. 

However, we are here to solve this problem for you. We have brought all of the required guidelines that you need to know to buy a mini Aussiedoodle for sale. Yes, to believe a mini Aussiedoodle is a bit risky and sometimes tricky also. However, if you have proper knowledge about the things you want to see in the Aussiedoodle, it is just a piece of cake.

 miniature aussiedoodle for sale near me

Along with all of these things, we have brought some outlets and pet stores that are trusted and well known regarding the mini Aussiedoodle for sale. You can easily buy with confidence from these places that we have explored for you. All of these things and much other precious knowledge regarding the mini Aussiedoodle are present down here. So, let’s check it out.  

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Mini Aussiedoodle 

Mini Aussiedoodle is a mixture of poodle and Australian shepherd. These Aussie doodles are playful, energetic, incredibly smart, and loyal. Moreover, they are very loving with the pets and children, and they need the people’s attention. In addition, they win the heart of the audience by their behavior. 

The history of mini Aussie doodle for sale near me is enigmatic and short. In Germany, centuries ago, the poodle was started for hunting retriever dogs. In the late 1980s, in the united stated mini Aussie doodles were firstly introduced. By combining the DNA of both poodle and Australian shepherd, mini Aussiedoodle were developed 

These Aussiedoodle are of medium size. However, they do not occupy ample space. If you have a small space, then these dogs are suitable for you. Here we discuss some interesting facts about the mini aussiedoodles that everyone should know.  

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  • Height: 12 to 18 inches 
  • Weight: 15 to 35 pounds 
  • Life span: 12 to 15 years 
  • Temperament: loyal, gentle, intelligent, playful, affectionate  
  • Cross-breed: miniature Australian shepherd and poodle 
  • Suitable for: active families with other pets and children, those that need low-shedding dogs, and apartment dwellers.


Mini Aussie doodle Characteristics to buy 

The Min Aussiedoodle dogs were initially bred in Australia. They are medium-sized dogs with silky and curly coats. Moreover, these Australian dog breeds are friendly, loyal, independent, and very smart. These dogs were bred to be good family dogs. They are good with children, other dogs, and other pets. 

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  • The Aussiedoodle dog’s grooming needs include brushing their teeth, ears, and fur. The coat does not require frequent bathing or cleaning. 
  • The mini aussiedoodle are playful, and they love to cuddle with their humans. The Mini Aussiedoodle dogs require little grooming. Their coat requires little grooming. Moreover, the coat is medium length and resembles a Poodle. Well, Miniature puppies are brilliant. They learn quickly, and they catch on to things quickly. The Mini Aussiedoodle dogs respond to training and good manners. 
  • Moreover, they are so friendly dogs. They love to be around people, and they get along well with other dogs and pets. Plus, the Mini Aussiedoodle dogs should live with other pets in the home. Next, the miniature Aussiedoodle dog’s exercise needs can be met through daily walks and moderate playtime with other dogs. The Mini Aussiedoodle dogs enjoy playtime and are easy to train. 
  • Further, the dog’s coat requires little grooming, and the coat is medium length and resembles a Poodle. The miniature dog’s exercise needs can be met through daily walks and moderate playtime with other dogs 
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Colors and Pricing of mini Aussiedoodle for Sale in California 

Here we discuss some different types of mini aussiedoodle that are available for sale. We discuss the price and colors of these doodles. As we know that prices vary depending on the color and type. So, these doodles have different price ranges. However, we provide information about the price of mini aussiedoodle for sale in California based on color. 

mini aussiedoodle for sale texas

Red tricolor 

The word tri means that this aussiedoodle has three colors. This doodle has white, copper/tan, and red color, having white face blaze, white on the feet, and white on the chest. The price of the red tricolor mini Aussie doodle for sale is 900$.

Black tuxedo 

Black tuxedo mini aussiedoodle is a solid black doodle that consists of some white down the chest. Therefore, this aussiedoodle looks very beautiful. The cost of a black tuxedo Aussiedoodle is about $1100.  

Black tricolor  

Like red tri-colour aussiedoodle, black tri-color also consists of three colors. This aussiedoodle consists of white, tan//copper, black colour, white chest, white patches on feet, and white blaze on the face. Black tri-color aussiedoodle is available for $1100.  

Red tuxedo 

A red tuxedo is also called a chocolate Aussiedoodle. This doodle mostly consists of red color having white tiny patches on the chest. The price of this mini aussiedoodle for sale in California is $1100.  

Black bi-color 

Black bi-color aussiedoodle means it consists of two different colors. However, it consists of solid black color having a broad white blaze on the chest, paws, and face. Unlike tuxedo puppy, this color consists of more white color. This aussiedoodle is available at a price of about 1100$. 

Red merle  

Red merle aussiedoodle consists of different red shades. Other color combinations of red merle aussiedoodle are white with red merle, tan/copper, and white with red merle.  The cost of red merle aussiedoodle is about $1300.  

Colors and pricing of mini Aussie doodle for sale in New Jersey 

Here we discuss different types of mini aussiedoodles for sale. Also, we discuss the price and colors of these mini aussiedoodles available in New Jersey.  

Apricot bi-color 

Apricot bi-color aussiedoodle consists of two colors. Moreover, these are different shades of apricot along with white color. This puppy consists of more white color as compared to a tuxedo puppy. However, the price of an apricot bi-color aussiedoodle is $1100.  

Black tri-color 

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The price of a black tri-color mini aussiedoodle for sale in NJ is about $1100. It consists of white, black, and copper/tan color. Also, it contains a white chest, white spots on the feet, and a white blaze on the face.  

Blue merle 

Blue merle is called a grey aussiedoodle. other different color combinations of this aussiedoodle consist of tan/copper with blue merle, white along with blue merle, tan/copper, and white with blue merle. Moreover, other combinations of this doodle are also available. The cost of blue merle mini Aussiedoodle is approximately $1500.

Red tuxedo

Red tuxedo aussiedoodle consists of some of the patches of white color on the chest and red color. This Aussiedoodle is available at a price of about $1100. 

Red tri-color

The word tri means that these doodles consist of three different colors. However, the Aussiedoodle contains white, copper/tan, and red color. In addition, it also includes white spots on the feet, chest, and white blaze face. The cost of the red tri-color aussiedoodle for sale is about $900.     

Black bi-color 

Bi-color means that Aussiedoodle consists of two colors. Black bi-color aussiedoodle contains black solid color and a white blaze on the chest, paws, and face.  It is observed that this aussiedoodle consists more white color as compared to a tuxedo puppy. The price of a mini aussiedoodle black bi-color is $1100.  

 mini aussiedoodle for sale louisiana

Different Stores that have Mini aussiedoodles for sale 

Many online stores sell mini aussiedoodles. They have different varieties of doodles. Moreover, they also provide a health guarantee for their dogs. You have to apply online for these doodles. Normally, you can buy these doodles by filling the form and booking your puppy. 

 Sometimes you have to deposit a fee to reserve the doodle and to secure it. They also provide the shipping that helps you a lot in buying a mini aussiedoodle. you can also get more information about these stores by searching their website. Here we provide the name of these stores.

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  • Lancaster puppies
  • Greenfield puppies
  • Prairie hill puppies
  • Infinity pups
  • Buckeye puppies


Get the latest list of countries for mini Aussiedoodles for sale here.

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  • California
  • Taxes
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Ohia
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • Australia
  • NC


mini aussiedoodle for sale california

Final words

We have tried to provide you with all of the required details that you need to know about mini Aussiedoodle for sale. All of the above-listed things have different values and can impact the nature and quality of the Aussie doodles you have bought. However, there are certain things that you need to worry about when you are purchasing a mini Aussiedoodle for sale.

Before you buy an Aussiedoodle from a seller, you should be sure about the history and quality of the breed of that breeder. Moreover, you have to be sure about the temperament and nature of the mini aussiedoodle that you will buy. Whatsoever, one thing we can make sure of is that you bring joy, entertainment, and happiness to your house.

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