Mini Aussiedoodle Near me | Top 6 Breeders & Characteristics

Here you will get a complete guide about Mini Aussiedoodle Near me.  People have been cross-breeding different sorts of dogs throughout history to get the desired appearance for their pets. The mini Aussiedoodle near me is a relatively young breed that emerged in the 1990s and early 2000s. Although it lacks a thorough history, the two species responsible for the Aussiedoodle’s genetic composition have long histories.

The Australian Shepherd was brought to the United States from Australia to work as a herding dog. Given their intelligence, Australian Shepherds are now used as ranch dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and other related roles. 

On the other hand, the Poodle originated in France and was often developed to hunt ducks, act as a guide dog, service dog, security dog, and perform other similar roles. 

mini aussiedoodle for adoption near me

The Aussiedoodle is also known by various names such as Ausssiepoo and Aussiedoodle. When people sought a distinctive dog that looked different from the traditional pure breeds and was more hypoallergenic, the breed gained popularity. 

Breeders of Mini Aussiedoodle Near me

Here we discuss the contact information of mini Aussiedoodle breeders near me.

Breeder Location Phone NoEmail
Native doodleOklahoma City, Oklahoma405-550-2155[email protected]
Sunny Lane DoodlesAdrian, Oregon541-212-0674[email protected]
Carolina Aussie Doodles of CharlestonCharleston, South Carolina843-442-3980[email protected]
Hill Country CaninesMason, Texas325-347-7671[email protected]
Dreamy DoodlesWoodland, Washington360-448-1477[email protected]
Kissable DoodlesSamson, Alabama423-509-3021[email protected]
Breeders information
Characteristics of Mini Aussiedoodle near me

Mini Aussiedoodle Characteristics

Here we discuss some of the characteristics of a mini Aussie doodle near me.

  • A Loving Companion 

Australian shepherds aren’t simply hard laborers; they’re also great friends! They want to satisfy their owners. You won’t be lonely with this dog since he is devoted and faithful. They need to be by your side all the time and should not be left alone at home for extended periods. 

  • Herding Instinct

The type was bred for herding, and it applies this instinct to more than simply sheep or agricultural animals. It has been observed to utilize nips, barks, and other herding tactics to herd animals and even humans. 

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  • Protective and alert

As a portion of the herding instinct, the breed is watchful of strangers or other intruders that represent a threat. When anything doesn’t seem right, they’re quick to bark, and their first inclination is to protect whatever they’re meant to be watching. 

  • Athletic and active 

Australian Shepherds like running and have athletic bodies to support their enthusiasm. Their elegant and robust build, along with their confidence and stamina, make them ideal for active owners and sporting events! 

  • Intelligent

Mini Aussiedoodle puppies near me have sharp intelligence and are eager to learn new things. A puppy will grow into an obedient and intelligent adult dog if you provide constant training and feedback. 

Body Features of Mini Aussie Doodle

Miniature Australian Shepherds have distinctive eyes, as you may have observed! Their eyes might be two distinct hues or a color mix of brown, blue, hazel, and amber. Moreover, the eyes may also contain specks and marbling. 

However, their stunning coats are frequently multicolored. Typically, the predominant color is a shade of black, blue merle, crimson, or red merle. Australian Shepherd miniatures have an inner, waterproof coat and an outer coat. Their exterior coat is medium-length and straight or wavy. 

Body Features of Miniature Aussiedoodle

Allergen Level

Dander, which is dead skin cells, is the source of allergens. Both animals and humans shed these skin cells. Dander is associated with hair loss in dogs. 

Mini Aussiedoodle near me for sale is not suitable for people who suffer from allergies because of their double coats and excessive shedding. 

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Allergens can be reduced if they are brushed and washed regularly, and kept clean. Please visit your family physician if you have someone in your home who is allergic to animals. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs)

Aussi doodles may live on a farm or in the city. Most people like swimming. Moreover, Aussi doodles have a moderate to a high degree of activity. Every day, they require a nice walk or vigorous playing, and they are athletic enough to participate in canine sports like agility, flyball, obedience, and rally.

  • What is the maximum number of puppies that a tiny Australian Shepherd can have?

Miniature Australian Shepherds often have 5-7 pups at a time. Australian Shepherds (standard size) can also have 5-7 puppies.

  • What are the prices of Aussi doodles?
What are the prices of Aussi doodles

Depending on whether you adopt, rescue, or buy from a breeder, the cost of an Aussie doodle ranges from $500 to $5,000. A respectable breeder would charge you between $1500 and $4500 for an Aussi doodle, with the typical cost being $2,500. The costliest Aussi doodles will be miniature or toy-sized, with a tri-colored coat.

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Final Words

As with the increasing demand for mini Aussiedoodle, pet buyers have problems when buying a mini Aussiedoodle. That’s why we have written this article to give an idea about the mini Aussiedoodle near me. Along with this, we have delivered general information about mini Aussiedoodle. Whatsoever, buying a mini Aussiedoodle is always the best choice.

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