Standard Aussiedoodle | Size Guide (character, diet, tips)

Standard Aussiedoodles are one of the top crossbreed pets that pet lovers adopt. They are genuinely lovely creatures that can bring fun and love to your life and those living in your house. Unlike the other puppies, they are hypoallergic, so no one needs to worry about their health while playing with this cute puppy.  

Introduction of Aussiedoodle Standard

Between the ages of 4.5 and 6 months, standard Aussiedoodles often reach half their adult weight. It will then get its total adult weight between the ages of 12.5 and 16 months

Standard Aussiedoodle Characteristics

Standard Aussiedoodle Average values 
Weight 40 to 70 pounds 
When fully grown 12 to 16 months 
Height More than 15 inches from the shoulder 
Standard Aussiedoodle Characteristics

We have many other exciting details about Standard Aussiedoodle present in this article. So stay with us till the end of the article. Even you may visit our related articles about Standard Aussiedoodle breeders.

History of standard aussiedoodle Puppies

They are the first type of Aussiedoodle breed that is created. This breed was developed in the 1980s when so many other designer breeds were also emerging. Combining Poodles with other pure species was the clever new way to make pups with the best of both parents’ genes. 

The idea with the Australian Shepherd and Poodle combination was to create a brilliant companion dog that was also hypoallergenic. For the most part, the mission was a success.  

Australian Shepherds, like the name suggests, are shepherds. They come from the western United States. However, they appeared at the same time as the Gold Rush, in the 1940s. Their task was to assist with the herding of animals in the harsh, unforgiving terrain. 

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Poodles are also bred for employment. They are from Germany, where they helped to recover fallen poultry from the sea. Swimming might be considered a component of their profession as well. 

how big does a standard aussiedoodle get

Traits of Standard Aussie doodle full grown

Here in this section, we will try to cover some of the traits that will help you understand the nature and characteristics of the standard Aussiedoodle near me. 


Standard Aussiedoodles Size is around 15 inches tall or higher. They range in weight from 40 to 70 pounds. Moreover, their eyes can also differ. If he’s like his Australian Shepherd mom, he’ll have one or both blue eyes. It’s not uncommon to have only one brown look. 

However, both eyes might be brown. One or both of its eyes may begin blue and gradually shift to brown to add to the excitement. His eyes may also be more amber in color than brown.  

This breed may have a medium-length curly coat, soft Poodle-like hair, or the Australian Shepherd coat, which is intermediate, straight or wavy, and waterproof. Poodle hair that is hypoallergenic or as near to it as feasible is usually seen in hybrid puppies. The coat can be any hue or mix of colors, including grey and white, tan, red tricolor, black tricolor, red Merle, and Blue Merle. 

Standard Aussiedoodles have a robust but slim build. Their noses are dark, and their ears are straight. They can have an Australian Shepherd tail, which is frequently cut, or a Poodle curly tail. 


The personality of Aussiedoodles is described as silly and caring by many fans. This dog will have a lot of energy regardless of size, whether it is a smaller Aussiedoodle from a Toy Poodle or a bigger Aussiedoodle from a Standard Poodle. Long hikes, walks, beach days and retrieval games will keep your Aussiedoodle entertained. 

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Because Australian Shepherds are herding puppies, your Aussiedoodle may want to gather you, your children, or other objects up! Because their Australian Shepherd and Poodle parents are also quite intelligent, so your standard Aussiedoodle will require a lot of cerebral stimulation. Aussiedoodles can quickly become destructive when bored. 

Moreover, they like being with their owners as well. Aussiedoodles, like Australian Shepherds, will occasionally approach and remain with one or two of their favorite humans. This isn’t to suggest they don’t get along with vast groups of individuals or families. 

how big is a standard aussiedoodle

How to take Care of Standard Aussiedoodle 

You should keep up with your Aussiedoodles regular veterinarian checks, just like you would with any other dog, to spot any health issues early. Your veterinarian can assist you in developing a care routine that will keep your puppy healthy. 

Standard Aussiedoodles puppies for sale are susceptible to gaining weight and have a lot of energy. Make sure your puppy gets at least one pleasant half-hour- to hour-long walk each day with a couple of good, energetic playtime and shorter walks thrown in. 

Check their ears for dirt and bugs regularly, and clean them as directed by your veterinarian. Trim your dog’s nails before they become too long, which should be done one or two times per month. They should not be snapping against the floor so loudly. Your groomer can assist you with this. 

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Diet for your puppy 

It would be great if you fed your standard Aussiedoodle, a food designed specifically for this mix. It would be best if you spoke with his veterinarian to determine his dietary requirements and how often and how much food to feed him. He’ll constantly be burning calories, especially while he’s young. He may need to eat three times every day until he is six months old. 

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Make sure he only gets high-quality dog food. His energy will need to be replenished. Also, keep enough fresh water on hand for him at all times. 

standard aussiedoodle size chart

Exercise of Standard Aussiedoodle 

With the amount of energy Standard Aussiedoodles possess, you’ll want to be sure he uses it wisely. He won’t be healthy or satisfied if you don’t exercise him correctly, and he’ll let you understand. 

This breed requires around one and a half hours of exercise each day in the form of a well-structured, lengthy walk. He’ll be OK with two 45-minute sessions. In addition to the walks, he will require physical activities. Keep in mind that he is a highly active dog. 

Standard Aussiedoodles benefit greatly from agility games and workouts. He’ll be great at Flyball and will most likely invent a few rounds of his own. 

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 f1 standard aussiedoodle

Size of fully grown standard Aussiedoodle 

The Standard Poodle full-grown is 18-24 inches tall and weighs 45-70 pounds on average. The Standard Australian Shepherd is slightly smaller, standing 18-23 inches tall and weighing 40-65 pounds. The average Aussiedoodle weighs 45-70 pounds and is 17-22 inches tall. 

Final Words

No doubt, standard Aussie doodle is the best and most healthy puppies you can bring to your house. Also, they are less susceptible to gardening purposes. However, they can be your joy partners. So, if you are looking for an energetic pet in your house, a standard Aussiedooodle can bring energy, happiness, and joy at the same time.  

You can get an idea about the standard Aussiedoodle size chart from this article. Also, you can visit some pet stores and nurseries and have a physical look at the puppy there. Whatsoever, you are going in the right way.

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